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Nemesis vs Freya the Slaya

The Supermodel of Professional Wrestling, Amy Love, has decided that it was a 
personal insult to her that she wasn't invited to wrestle for the PGWA belt at 2021's 
"Darlings of the Ring" live event, and instead it was Kasey Fox who won the title.  
Now however, she has decided to rectify that supposed mistake by challenging 
the Champ to a GrudgeMatch!

Amy is incredulous as she arrives at the facility...which she derides as "a barn"...
in the North Carolina back country that Kasey calls home.  The challenger taunts 
the Champ as "Hayseed" Fox, but Kasey promises to show her some Southern 
Sass, and to send arrogant Amy back to her big city jet set lifestyle...
minus the belt!

But that doesn't prove as easy as Kasey might have hoped, as Amy unleashes a 
brutal assault that has the Champ reeling.  As the minutes tick by, we see the 
look on Fox's face go from shock to fear, as she realizes she's losing, and the 
belt is about to be taken from her grasp.

But then a new look of fiery determination blazes in her eyes, and Kasey roars 
back, taking the fight to her challenger with every ounce of pent up fury she has!

This is a tremendous battle between two outstanding wrestlers, each giving it 
their all until only one remains standing victorious!

17 minutes! / Just 22.99!

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