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Tornado Tag Team

They're the best and the baddest in all of Britain, and the ring can barely 
contain them!  The Women in Black...Pippa L'Vinn and Eva... face off in 
a match with the Amazon Queens... Shelby Beach and Loxleigh!

And what a match it is... a Tornado Tag, with all four combatants in the 
ring at the same time!

Pippa demands it be a Tornado Tag because, cheekily, she accused Shelby 
and Loxleigh of harboring plans to cheat, so the Women in Black want to 
keep their opponents in the ring with them.  The blondes agree, but then 
make the mistake of turning their backs on their rivals...with grievous 
results for the Amazon Queens!

As the minutes tick by, Pippa and Eva brutalize their adversaries, and it 
looks as if this is going to be the most one-sided team beatdown ever.  
But then... the blondes manage to turn the tide, and now it's their 
dark-tressed enemies who are made to suffer!

There's tremendously rough action in this one, as both teams aim to do 
serious harm to the other.  Don't miss it!

20 minutes! / Just 26.99!

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