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Savannah Sweet vs Riley Matthews

Savannah Sweet makes her PGWA debut, and she expresses no doubt that 
she's going to win, citing the fact that she is bigger, stronger and... in her 
own estimation... more beautiful than her opponent.

Riley Matthews is unfazed by Savannah's braggadocio, promising instead 
that she's going to give her adversary a "sweet surprise".

The opening minutes of the match see the combatants, each displaying 
a ring savviness far beyond what one might more commonly expect from 
two such rookies, testing one another with armlocks and other holds, 
both gauging the abilities of the other.  Finally, Riley goes on the full 
offensive, but any hopes she may have had of scoring a quick win are 
dashed as Savannah manages to turn the tide.

The battle see-saws between them, and tempers flare, resulting in 
closed fist punches, stomps, boot chokes, and hair mares that threaten 
to rip their long, luxurious strands out by the roots!

The violence soars as they battle it out; Savannah targets her rival's 
knee, while Riley retaliates by brutally wrenching her opponent's arm.  
Finally, one girl is snared in an agonizing submission hold, and potential 
serious injury, is driven to tap out!

If you're wondering where the next generation of superstars are 
coming from, look no further than here!

15 minutes! / Just 24.99!

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