LadySports ::: PIPPA L'VINN'S "ZERO HOUR" Part 2


Live from The Wrestling Factory, Manchester, UK

Saturday 6 September 2014: Show Report by Mark Lockey

Part 2

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Mat Based Contest: 15 minutes duration:
Sara v Raven:

Sara returned in a black top and black shorts to oppose Raven, also competing in her second match of the day; 
wearing a black bikini for this mat based contest.
Raven began working on Sara's legs straight away, exclaiming: "Submit or I'll break these ankles!". Her enthusiastic 
approach resulted in her taking the first pin, somewhat taking Sara by surprise.
Raven recommenced where she had left off, forcing the issue and in determined mood. Another painful scissors 
was applied with Sara on the receiving end of Raven's strong, sexy thighs, forcing her legs wide apart in a 
compromising and vulnerable position. Sara, undeterred, fought back resolutely, resisting until she could hold 
out no more and fell victim to a second fall, again via a lethal scissors.
This intense battle continued with Sara trying to weaken Raven by applying a clamp hold to her shins, pulling 
back the score to 1-2.
The crowd sensed that we had a fully competitive bout as both girls fought to establish an advantage. Raven 
had Sara in a variation of a boston crab hold then, politely apologised to her nemesis for kicking her in 
the face - purely accidental and, with no malice intended.
This spirited and sporting match was thoroughly enjoyed by the audience, witnessing a lively encounter with 
two lovely, sexy girls giving their all.
A deserved victory score of 3-2 brought the bout to a close with well deserved applause from 
the appreciative crowd.
Pro Style Contest: 15 minutes duration:
Faith Lehaine v Shelby Beach:

Faith Lehaine marched proudly to the ring, slow and deliberate, emphasising her heel persona - always 
great to see a bit of attitiude !
As the audience applauded her entrance she defiantly shouted "don't clap me!", seemingly unimpressed with crowd.
By contrast the ever popular Shelby Beach entered in a much more vibrant mood - fresh as a spring daisy in a 
lovely lemon coloured swimsuit that accentuated her impressive figure. Faith was first to offer up some defiance 
with a headlock on the blonde Wigan lady, following up with a bit of biting. She continued her offensive opening 
with a couple of spectacular movements around the ring - hinted at very briefly in her first match. This lady 
clearly liked to use the full squared circle at her disposal - Shelby would have her work cut out in this bout. 
Shelby was able to kick out from a near pin - a 2 count gained by Faith - before establishing herself into the 
bout herself with a 2 count roll up on her pink haired opponent. Ms Lehaine was made of stern stuff and came back 
strong, raking at Shelby's jaw, then slamming her to the mat.
This match was a real back and forth affair as one lady appeared to be gaining an advantage, only to be pegged 
back by her adversary.
As the match edged towards its time limit, outside interference distracted one wrestler sufficiently to allow 
the other to apply a 3 count pin to take the match.
The wrestler on the bad end of this controversial decision had to be fully restrained by referee Billy!
Mat Based Contest: 15 minutes duration:
Minxy Li v Pippa L'Vinn:

Minxy Li returned fresh from her excellent previous bout with Raven, this time sporting a black swimsuit. This 
was going to be a severe test of her endurance and resolve as her opponent was none other than Pippa L'Vinn, 
in a striking silver outfit.
Minxy Li looked at ease and laid back as the bell rung for the start of the match. Pippa, by contrast looked 
steely, determined and keen to get things rolling.
She began by forcing the issue and almost immediately secured a 1-0 advantage. Minxy Li responded by stating: 
"That was a cheating point", somewhat tongue in cheek as it was completely legitimate and valid. The severe lesson 
in mat based wrestling continued as Pippa took things further with a 2-0 lead.
To her credit, Minxy Li though faced with such a formidable opponent in Pippa maintained an air of composure and 
remained relaxed throughout the match.
Ms L'Vinn was intense and determined, spinning Minxy Li around with a succession of waistlocks, keeping her 
grounded. Minxy Li came back at Pippa and her admirable spirit was there for all to see.
This was a technically superb contest with classic takedowns and text book mat wrestling.
Mat Based Contest: 15 minutes duration:
Kyra v Roxi:

An interesting and unique scenario conjured up next with Kyra in her fnal appearance at the Wrestling Factory 
as she has decided to travel for a year - we wish her well and welcome her return. Roxi on the opposite was 
returning to the show after a couple of years out of the scene.
Kyra wore a lepoard print bikini whereas Roxi opted for a blue spandex one piece costume.
The match opened up in a very relaxed mood with some extensive leg work applied by both ladies. Kyra took a 
1-0 advantage then soon added to that with a further submission. Roxi, digging deep into her wealth of experience 
pulled the score back to 2-1 as the bout continued with friendly exchanges and good banter throughout.
Both girls were evenly matched and were enjoying the laid back ambience of the bout. The constant use of 
waistlocks and scissor holds were able to create easily the highest scoring match so far. A highly satisfying 
contest concluded when a double tapout took place via facesits.
All Girl Challenge Match:

The penultimate contest involved every lady wrestler present today. Each lady entered the ring and formed a seated 
line as specific holds were to be used in succession to determine the winner. The holds involved were: Body Scissors, 
Head Scissors, Thigh Scissors, Arm Bar and Leg Spread.
The audience involvement was greatly appreciated as we called out the order of the holds to be used.
A double Leg Scissors decided the winner as the two remaining ladies thrashed it out in a very compromsing position.
Loads of Fun - fully enjoyed by all.
The final match of this superb event was the traditional Rumble - the last girl standing would be declared the winner.
No prizes, no gimmicks, just an all out battle of strength, cunning and ingenuity as each lady was all out for herself.
Pippa L'Vinn v Lisa Fury was the first confrontation and every minute that passed another wrestler entered the ring to 
join the existing grapplers.
Shelby Beach, Roxi, Sara, Nadia Sapphire, Faith Lehaine ( who cleverly bided her time as the wrestlers continued 
to fight it out then, chose her moment to enter the action). Minxy Li was the last entrant. The action was fast and 
furious; girls were thrown, pushed, shoved and removed from the ring in whichever way possible...
until only 2 ladies were left - 3 late entrants helped to decide the ultimate winner...

This wonderfully entertaining show had everything (and more) one could ask for - intense Mat Based action that 
really caught the imagination, complemented by fast paced excitement. Time and again this event has such 
a high audience turnout as people just love showtime at the Wrestling Factory. The audience can take a well deserved 
pat on the back for playing its part so well.
Some superb performances, including exciting, eye-catching debuts from the new girls Minxy Li and Faith Lehaine; 
hopefully they will all return to the show very soon. A special mention to MC: Brett Linforth.Brett always does 
such a fantastic job and is very much appreciated by all of us, as without him the shows just would not seem the same. 
A welcome return to Roxi and a fond farewell to Kyra - please come back soon !
Yet again another magnificent triumph for all who took part and especially to Pippa.
One can only fully appreciate how hard this wonderful lady works when you are present at a live event.
Arranging, performing, hosting and looking after all of the girls on the card plus, she always takes time out 
for her audience as well.
Not only is she without doubt the hardest working wrestler in the UK but, the loveliest person you could ever 
wish to meet.
For those of us fortunate enough to have witnessed the action - we all felt honoured just to have been there at 
such a spectacular show.
For anyone who missed the show - do the next best thing and buy the DVD - you will not be disappointed and come 
along next time - I guarantee you will be hooked, we all are !
A Special Thank You to Pippa and all of her team who work so hard to bring us such wonderful entertainment....
Mark Lockey
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All pictures and descriptions by courtesy of Pippa L'Vinn.

LadySports wishes to thank Mark Lockey for his great reportage!