LadySports ::: Tyler Wants Pippa!


...and she's calling out Pippa L'Vinn

“I Want Pippa L’Vinn!”

It goes without saying that two of the most popular women to ever step onto the Southern Belles Wrestling Club’s mats are Pippa L’Vinn and Tyler Dare. Both claim a large and loyal cadre of fans. And each could say with some justification that she is the top wrestler in the SBWC’s long and illustrious history. But while Pippa has continued to be a Belle, Tyler regrettably had to step away from the club several years ago, when she moved to Colorado and dialed back her wrestling commitments, and many feared that she would never return. So you can imagine the excitement around the Belles front office recently when the ravishing redhead called us up out of the blue and said, “I’m ready to come back!” We of course told her she would be welcomed back with open arms, and that she could name any opponent she wanted to face. Somewhat mischievously, she said she had someone special in mind, and that we…and the world…would find out who that was very soon. On Thursday, March the 3rd, simultaneous with Emailing a video clip to our office, Tyler shared it with the fans on her Facebook page. In the video, she revealed that she would shortly be departing for Great Britain, with the specific intent of challenging Pippa L’Vinn! Immediately phoning Tyler, we asked her for further comment, which she has given us permission to share here. “I know there’s no formal championship in the Southern Belles,” she said. “But I’ve always liked it when fans would call me the ‘Queen of the Belles’, because I know I earned that. But I also know that I can’t really claim that title so long as Pippa stands in my way.” In the honey sweet Carolina drawl that no time spent in the Rockies can ever erase, she continued, “I have a lot of respect for L’Vinn, she’s a tremendous wrestler. But she also makes me mad as hell, because she doesn’t have to use rough tactics and outright cheating…she’s good enough to win just on skill alone. But she does it because she likes it, because she’s just a mean, vicious woman. As I said, I respect her, but I don’t like her one damn bit.” “I’ve had an open challenge to her for years. We’ve fought once before, a decade ago, when I was just a green rookie. I still gave her a hell of a fight, and I think she’s scared of what I could do to her now. She’s never turned down my challenge, which I’ve made multiple times, but she always has some excuse for not coming back to the U.S. Isn’t it funny how she used to travel to America all the time to wrestle, until she fought me? Now she suddenly can’t seem to make the time.” That had to be frustrating, we replied. “It is. I’m at an absolute peak as a wrestler right now, and from the Southern Belles videos I’ve watched…and Pippa, I’ve watched them all, and I know every move you’ve made…she appears to be as well. And I want us to fight when we’re both at our very best, so that when it’s over, there can be no doubt when one woman claims the title of Queen of the Belles.” And, with a touch of glee in her voice, Tyler adds, “And Pippa, bless her heart, isn’t going to be that woman.” And so, at no small expense, Tyler is jetting off to London. But she’s tired of waiting for Pippa to come to her. L’Vinn has yet to respond to the American’s brazen challenge, either publicly or in private with Belles officials, but we expect her answer in due course. Stay tuned to for more details as they develop!