The Querulous Quintet Who Threaten Her Most!


Anyone who has achieved championship status knows that the belt around their waist puts 
a bullseye on their back.  A champion has to constantly be aware of threats to their 
reign, and to do what they can to prepare for them.


Unfortunately, being a Champ is by its nature a defensive position; challengers 
strike at you, and you must hold your ground.  Contenders have much more flexibility 
of being able to pick the time and place for going on the offensive, seeking for 
that moment with the Champion is most vulnerable.


Since winning the PGWA belt this past August, ThunderKitty has had plenty of time 
to look over the wrestling landscape and take careful note of the biggest challenges 
on the horizon.  Her conclusions about this remain her own, as she has not discussed 
her observations.  Nonetheless, the PGWA Commissioner’s office has been likewise 
studying the scene, and has drawn some conclusions of their own.


These then are the five women ranked as the top contenders for the PGWA crown as of now:


5)  NEMESIS – It goes without saying that the recently deposed Champion, who held the
 belt for a near-record breaking six years, would automatically be a contender.  And 
almost certainly “Big Mama”, still in the prime of her career and at the peak of her 
abilities, would like to regain the strap.  But interestingly she has not demanded the 
rematch she would most certainly receive, and there is speculation that, while she’s 
sorry she lost the belt, she’s nevertheless enjoying a respite from the demands of the 
championship.  If this is true, ThunderKitty can look forward to an interval where 
she doesn’t have to worry about Nemesis coming after her…but like a storm cloud in the 
distance, the former titleholder will remain a looming threat, and someday in the 
not-too-distant future, she may just appear with devastating results.


4)  JENNIFER THOMAS – Simply put, Jennifer is a fighting machine!  Her magnificently 
sculpted body is primed for the roughest action, and her skills in the ring are 
indisputably spectacular.  Indeed, if there’s a woman in the sport who could collect 
multiple title belts with almost ridiculous ease, it’s Thomas.  That she hasn’t isn’t 
indicative of any failing on her part…she just hasn’t been very interested in going 
after gold.  But then, the PGWA title isn’t just any belt…its spiritual lineage goes 
back to the PGWA’s first Commissioner, the legendary Penny Banner, and the women who 
have possessed that ten pounds of leather and gold include such superstars as Susan 
Green, Judy Martin, Leilani Kai and Nikki Roxx.  With a pedigree like that, even 
Jennifer might be sorely tempted to try and take the belt from ThunderKitty.


3)  MILA NANIKI – Although still a relative newcomer to the sport, at least in comparison 
to the other women on this list, Mila has rapidly established herself as a force to be 
reckoned with.  Having already declared herself the ‘First Lady of the PGWA’, it stands 
to reason that she would want…if not DEMAND…that she possess the belt.  Fantastically 
skilled and virtually fearless in the ring, Mila is a genuine threat to any champion.  
Thus far, it is only flaws born of her arrogance and inexperience that have slowed her 
quest to dominate the Association, but time will teach her valuable lessons, and before 
too long, she may just be the greatest menace ThunderKitty must face.


2)  ALLIE PARKER – If there is one woman who is truly beloved by PGWA fans these days, 
it’s Allie.  They admire her determination in the face of relentless dangers.  They share 
in her joy of winning, as well as in her disappointment in defeat.  And it comes as no 
surprise that the Commissioner’s office has received multiple requests from the fans that
 Allie get a shot at ThunderKitty.  And frankly, the PGWA would love to make that happen 
as soon as possible.  But somewhat ironically, it is Allie’s own success which has thus 
far made such a booking impossible.  She is in such demand across the United States and 
around the world, she hasn’t had the chance to ask for a title shot.  And if she were 
to win, she knows she would be hard pressed to be available to defend her belt as often 
as she would want to.  Of course, just because she can’t be available for a match now 
doesn’t mean she can’t later.


1) JESSIE BELLE – The number one ranking contender is the woman who, in fact, will be 
challenging ThunderKitty for the belt on November the 3rd.  The Southern scrapper actually 
won a guaranteed title shot earlier this year, but cannily held onto it, biding her time.  

When ThunderKitty toppled Nemesis from the throne, Jessie Belle saw her chance, reasoning 
that the new titleholder would still be getting her “sea legs” as the Champ, and thus would 
be in a vulnerable position.  Time will very soon tell if her strategy bears fruit or not.


And fans should by no means consider this list to be definitive.  There is always the very 
real possibility that someone will come entirely out of left field and make unexpected history.  
After all, that’s what ThunderKitty herself did.  But one thing remains very certain... 
ThunderKitty intends to make good on her pledge to face any and all credible challengers, 
and she is just as determined to beat them all and keep her belt!