"Attack fast and hard, and break whatever rules as needed!"

 They say that good ultimately triumphs over evil.  But if you can't wait 
that long, sometimes you beat bad by being badder.  And when that happens 
in the ring, two bad girls have to prove who's the baddest of them all!

 When Kayla Kassidy found herself in possession of the very first title 
shot against the new PGWA Champion, Savannah Sweet, she recognized a rare 
opportunity to win the belt for herself.  For both she and Savannah are, 
in the vernacular of the trade, "heels".  Each are proud of their ability 
to bend (and break) the rules for their own gain, while both are deft 
enough at the practice to USUALLY avoid being disqualified by the referee.

 It's a rare thing when two rulebreakers are booked against one another, 
if for the very least because it can confuse many fans into wondering 
just who they're supposed to cheer for!  But for this match, Kayla was 
certain that her heelish ways were the Achilles Heel of the Champion.  
That's because Kassidy knew that Sweet actually has relatively little 
experience fighting against other rulebreakers; Savannah naturally 
enough is ordinarily paired up against rule-abiding "faces".

 So Kayla knew what her strategy must be:  go on the attack fast and 
hard, and break whatever rules she needed to in order overwhelm her 
opponent and win the gold before Savannah had any idea what was happening 
to her.

 It's a solid plan, and might very well have worked, but for two factors:  
First, the special referee that night was Miss Rachel, a veteran wrestler 
herself who knows her way around breaking a rule or two, and who was 
determined to keep order in the ring.  And second, that strategy 
which Kayla had so painstakingly plotted just so happened to mirror 
exactly the strategy which Savannah herself was employing!

 The result was a raucous brawl that wildly excited the fans in Nashville, 
Tennessee that night, with both women at their heelish best…or is that 
worst? But when the dust settled, it was Savannah Sweet who had her arm 
raised in victory, and who had successfully defended her PGWA strap for 
the very first time.

 An hour after that, Savannah slipped into the back seat of the limousine 
that was taking her to the private party in a downtown Nashville club 
where she would celebrate her victory, and she beckoned our reporter to 
join her (but only for the drive; he wasn't allowed past the velvet 
rope into the club itself, and he was left to his own devices to make 
his own way back to his hotel).  The Champ wanted to talk not only about 
her win that evening, but also the many more victories she sees for herself 
in the weeks and months to come.

 "Kayla was smart","avannah admitted.  "That was the only strategy that 
could have given her any hope of winning.  Unfortunately for her, I knew 
that's exactly what she would do.  She came in being a bad girl, so I 
just made sure I was the baddest of all.  And I'd have put her away 
even more quickly if Miss Rachel hadn't kept interrupting and trying 
to impose the rules on me."

 So, does this mean she's willing to face more fellow rulebreakers in 
the future?

 "Absolutely", she replied.  "Frankly, there aren't many... strike that, 
AND... so-called 'good girls' who have a hope of giving me a real challenge.  
Riley Matthews?  Please!  I've been charitable, carrying her useless self 
for months in matches, just so she might develop some self-confidence.  
Because that's just the kindly sort of Good Samaritan I am.  But she's no 
threat to my belt."

 Prompted to supply other names, the Champ is happy to oblige.  "Ella is no 
challenge to me. Take away that caterwaul she shrieks out, and she's got 
nothing going for her.  Jax Stinger?  I'll send that soldier girl marching 
right back to the locker room with a big 'L' in her column.  
Judi Rae had her shot at beating me, and she failed, and she'll just keep on 
failing if she's dumb enough to come after me again.  Oh, and if Kasey Fox 
ever gets the crazy idea that she wants this belt back, I'll be happy to give
her the beating she missed out on when she dropped the title 
rather than fight me for it."

 Alright then, which heels would the Champ consider accepting a challenge from?

 "I have to give all respect to Big Mama Nemesis.  After all, she held this 
belt herself for six years.  But her day as the PGWA Champ is done, and she'd 
not getting a second run with the belt, I promise you that."

 "Nikki Victory has finally gotten smart and given up being on the losing end 
of the sport, and she's become a pretty good wrestler lately.  Not better 
than me, of course, but kind of fair."

 "You can't overlook Big Boss Anika.  She's downright devious in a match.  
I'd also add Rose Gold, Alexis Littlefoot, Salena Dean, Marti Belle, and Allysin 
Kay to that list.  And there are a couple of former champs, Tracy Taylor and 
ThunderKitty, who would give me a worthwhile match.  Of course, 
they'd still lose."

 With that, the limo arrived at the club, and Savannah instructed the reporter 
to tip her driver before she disappeared inside the building, ten pounds of leather 
and gold slung over her shoulder.

 One thing's for sure, if the new Champion makes good on her pledge to defend 
her belt against both faces and heels, she's in for some very challenging matches 
in the days ahead!