PGWA Live Show Sept 2015


To paraphrase Monty Python, no one expected a PGWA Championship match!

Since mid-summer, a PGWA-sanctioned match between Rock-C and Roni Nicole has been eagerly 
anticipated for the NWA/Southern All-Star Wrestling event in Cookeville, Tennessee on 
Saturday, September the 19th.  Both women have been gunning for the Champion, Nemesis, 
and each understood that the winner of this match could legitimately declare herself 
a top contender for the belt.

Both wrestlers had been training hard, and scouting reports indicated that they each 
would be at their very peaks, and by every possible indication, this promised to be 
a phenomenal match.

And then, fate came crashing in.

More specifically, the crash occurred when an out-of-control vehicle smashed into 
Rock-C's van, reducing several tons of steel into so much scrap metal.  Miraculously, 
Rock-C walked away from the wreck with nothing worse than a case of whiplash, no doubt 
due in no small part to her excellent physical conditioning.  However, her physician 
is not clearing her to wrestle in the immediate future, and thus she reluctantly had 
to remove herself from this Saturday's match.

But rather than cancel the match altogether, PGWA Commissioner Susan Green announced 
that that only would it continue, but that taking Rock-C's place will be none other 
than the Champion herself, Nemesis!

Asked why she scheduled the Champ for this match, Green replied, "Either Roni Nicole or 
Rock-C was going to get a title shot out of this match.  So why should Roni be penalized 
for something entirely out of her control?  She's a worthy contender, so I saw no 
reason to postpone the inevitable title confrontation."

Rumor has it that Nemesis was not happy to be ordered to make this match, because her 
long-range plans called for eliminating Roni as a threat later on, not now.  "Big Mama" 
Nemesis has followed a very strict...and rather controversial...battle strategy since 
winning the PGWA belt in 2011, carefully selecting her opponents at times when she 
feels her challengers are at their most vulnerable.  And it has been a highly successful 
strategy...thus far.  Now she faces a Roni Nicole who is at her very apex as an athlete, 
and the self-professed "She-Hulk of the South" has made it very clear that she wants 
the PGWA belt around her waist.

But whether history is made in Cookeville this Saturday or not, one thing is certain:  
the fans will enjoy what promises to be a marathon battle between two of the best 
in the sport today!