Eyewitness Report

Crazy Mary vs Leah Von Dutch: Ring of Honor

Photos by Brad McFarlin

Text by The Red Cardinal

Recently, Brad McFarlin had the pleasure of seeing Crazy Mary Dobson and Leah Von Dutch 
battle one another for the Ring of Honor organization, and he shares both his own observations 
as well as his exclusive photographs with LadySports fans!

On the surface, both competitors possess similar backgrounds; each a veteran of the ring 
for four years.  Dobson and Von Dutch have compete on many of the same cards on the indy circuit.

Their familiarity extends to their Ring of Honor debuts, when the foes signed to compete on 
opposite sides of a six woman tag just over a year ago.

But the two women stars couldn't be stylistically more different.  While Von Dutch was 
honing her craft, traveling around the world learning Lancashire style from Robbie Brookside 
in England, Dobson learned to tactically dismember opponents in a style similar to Luna Vachon, 
taught to her by her trainer, Mad Man Pondo.

Leach Von Dutch was the ultimate winner in this Women of Honor match held in Kalamazoo,
 Michigan after a very physical match.