LadySports ::: Rock-C Rocked


"Rock-C Rocked, But She'll Roll Again Soon!"

This is never the sort of news we're happy to share here at  Rock-C, 
the Southernn slammer who was scheduled to face Roni Nicole in a PGWA-sanctioned match 
this Saturday, September the 19th, in Cookeville, Tennessee, has had to relinquish the match.

We received a phone call at the PGWA front office early Tuesday morning from Rock-C herself.  
She informed us that she had been in a serious traffic accident the evening before.  
Fortuitously, she suffered no serious injuries, but she was diagnosed with a severe case 
of whiplash, and her doctor would not clear her to wrestle for the foreseeable future.

She tells us she intends to take the time she needs to heal up right, and once she's back 
in fighting trim, she intends to resume her quest to face and defeat Nemesis for the PGWA belt.

Until that day comes, please join us in wishing her a very heartfelt 'Get Well Soon!'