Pippa Works Out

Pippa's Vigourous Workout

by Mark Lockey

The footage starts with Pippa running up and down the flights of steps to her venue 
in Manchester, UK.

An impressive opening as she concludes 20 circuits of the stairs which have 5 
individual flights and, has the sweat stains on her pink tee-shirt to prove it !

Pippa then enters her gym, removes her shirt to reveal a colourful blue swimsuit 
and wrestling boots. Ms L'Vinn who has many facilities at her gym had incredible 
foresight over 10 years ago when she overhauled and transformed a redundant 
cotton mill into "The Wrestling Factory".

Her venue is now an active gymnasium and arena complete with wrestling ring and 
can accomodate an audience of 200 people.  Quarterly wrestling shows are performed 
and filmed every year and, each event regularly has around a dozen lady wrestlers 
from Europe, Scotland, England, Ireland and, has also included women from the 
USA as well.

This fascinating insight continues with stationary bike work, using incredible 
speed and endurance - essential for strengthening the thighs and calves... the 
strenuous activity is maintained with a selection of weights in various sizes in 
both standing and lying down stances.

Pippa then enters her wrestling ring and displays a variety of rolls, including 
neck strengthening, all the while providing an informative commentary on the 
impact and reasoning behind such manoeuvres and how they supplement the 
essential fitness for her wrestling.

Clever use of the ring turnbuckle is also maximised with some ab crunchers 
to aid stomach muscles before a final impressive work-out, wearing boxing gloves.

This presentation fully justifies what many of us have known for years: Pippa
L'Vinn is the hardest working female wrestler in the UK. Or maybe anywhere!

Her dedication and enthusiasm for the sport is second to none. She is loveliest 
and most genuine person you could ever wish to meet in person... 
except if it's in the ring!

Mark Lockey

October 2016

The video is available in the members area on the Videos Page.