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Pippa Replies

...and she's calling out Pippa L'Vinn

“Tyler who?”

Tyler Dare’s recent video claiming that Pippa L’Vinn has been ducking her for years has found its intended audience, and Ms. L’Vinn has now responded with a video of her own. “There’ve been accusations that I’ve been scared of coming to the USA, and I’ve been ducking Tyler,” she says scathingly. “As if I’m scared of Tyler!” Dismissively, she adds, “‘Tyler Who?’, you may ask. That’s right!” She continues by assuring fans that “I’m going to be the perfect host”, and says that Tyler can have her match. BUT with a caveat. More like three of them, actually. “She’s got to go through three British wrestlers of my choice,” Pippa declares, stipulating that the American has to beat at least two of them in order to earn her match with L’Vinn! Suffice it to say, when contacted by the Southern Belles office and informed of these demands, Tyler did not hesitate to accept them. “I’ve waited a good long time to get my hands on Pippa again,” she said. “If I have to go through a few more girls to finally get her, I don’t mind. They’ll make good practice for the big match!” Watch both here and for further details of this epic series of amateur matches, coming soon!