LadySports ::: Has Pippa Outsmarted Herself?

Pippa's Cunning Plan...

"Has Pippa L'Vinn Outsmarted Herself?"

First, she agreed to wrestle Tyler Dare ONLY if the American could win two out of three matches against wrestlers of Pippa's choice. Tyler went on to beat Raven, lost to Lisa Fury, but then was victorious versus Shelby Beach. However, L'Vinn then added a new stipulation: Tyler and a partner must face and defeat Pippa and Raven in an amateur wrestling tag match. The Brit was smugly confident that Dare would be unable to find a partner in time, and would either have to face her opponents in a 2-on-1 handicap match, or else just fly back to America without ever having gotten her shot at Pippa. BUT, much to the surprise of Tyler (and furious consternation of L'Vinn), Lisa Fury stepped up to be the redhead's partner! It turns out Lisa wasn't pleased with the hoops that Pippa had been making Tyler jump through just to get her long-sought match, feeling it wasn't fair. And besides, given the contentious history between Lisa and Pippa, the smiling Fury was pleased to tell L'Vinn, "This isn't about helping her... it's about not helping you!" Stay tuned for details soon about this unprecedented battle to come!