"I am participating in something that truly connects me to history."

In wrestling, success is often achieved not simply through talent and determination,
but also by sheer exuberance…by being larger-than-life and electrifying a room from
the moment you enter it. Roni Nicole is one such woman, and if the fates are kind,
her talent, her determination and her dynamism will someday soon take her right
to the top!


Height:  Five feet, three inches

Weight:  Two hundred and five pounds

Hair:  Blonde

Hometown:  Houston, Texas


LADYSPORTS:  Welcome to Ladysports, Roni!  When did you first get into the sport? 

RONI NICOLE:  I first got in the sport in August of 2011,  I am coming into my third 
year of this fantastic activity.


LS:  And who trained you? 

RN:  I was originally trained at RWC (Ring Wars Carolina) in Fayetteville, North Carolina 
by Nightstick Eddie Brown.  I then completed my training at CW Anderson’s cousin’s training 
school with CW, Victor Andrews and Lou Marconi.


LS:  What was your biggest influence to become a wrestler? 

RN:  I would have to say the sport itself.  I stumbled across Monday Night Raw when I was 
a child, and after seeing the pageantry and athleticism I knew I had to get there one day!


LS:  What other sports do you have an interest in? 

RN:  I am also a dancer and semi-professional cheerleader.  I absolutely love dance and if 
I'm not wrestling, that's what I am doing!  I also really like martial arts and have 
recently sought some instruction in it. 


LS:  How would you describe yourself in terms of attitude, personality, likes, dislikes, 
and strengths? 

RN:  I would describe myself as a passionate, ambitious, thoughtful person.  If I were 
using adjectives however, I honestly cannot break myself down into any 'stock' description.


To know me is to love me...or hate me.  Regardless, I try and live my personal life and 
professional life by the Golden Rule, and hopefully by doing so I inspire others to do the same!


LS: What is your most marked characteristic as a wrestler? 

RN:  My size.


LS:  Describe a typical day of training for you.  What is most important in your workout? 

RN:  Regular gym training includes warming up for an hour-plus with cardio, one hour 
or more of strength training/lifting, one hour of circuit training, and a series of 
cool down exercises.


For wresting training there is a brief warm-up, followed by cardio drills, and then we 
move to in ring work, that work out is anywhere from two to three-and-a-half hours.


LS:  How would you best describe your ring style? 

RN:  I would say psychology-based, meaning I rely on telling the story versus 
fast-paced/high-flying action or 'fluff' matches…unfortunately too often seen produced 
by women in the business today.


LS:  What moves are you best known for? 

RN:  Leg Drop off the second rope, Double Chops, The Booty Bye Bye, and soon...
the Superman Punch!


LS:  Have you ever been injured in the ring? 

RN:  Fortunately I have not been seriously injured in the ring.  I have been blessed 
enough to be safe thus far doing this activity I love so dearly!


LS:  Who have been your toughest opponents? 

RN:  Thus far?  Jessie Belle…she was a firecracker, that's for sure, but I loved her 
intensity and the way she held nothing back during the match.


LS:  And who are your allies? 

RN:  I would say…hopefully…Devyn Nicole.  She and I have never had a match, but I would 
love to participate in a devastating tag team with her!  D`Arcy Dixon, Mia Svensson...
all talented ladies who I know and would love the chance to form alliances with!


LS:  What has been your most memorable win? 

RN: It doesn't squarely sit in the 'W' category.  However, my match versus William Huckaby; 
at the end I think we all know I was the victor!


LS:  What was your worst loss? 

RN:  To the Dynamite Diva.  She and I have a LONG standing feud across two different 
promotions, and I am anxious to finish it…bloody and victorious!


LS:  Who is the one wrestler you would most like to face in the ring, but haven't yet? 

RN:  Lei D Tapa.  She is absolutely wonderful in ring, and I know that a great match 
with a great story and some true high quality wrestling would come of it. 


LS:  What type of match do you enjoy the most? 

RN:  Singles


LS:  What sort of reactions do you get from people when they learn you are a wrestler? 

RN:  Initially people are surprised, but I personally think that comes from not meeting 
too many female wrestlers, not just because I am one.  I also get the 'OOOH don't piss 
her off, she might slam you’ a lot...they're right. 


LS:  What is so special about this sport to you? 

RN:  The fact that I am participating in something that truly connects me to history.  
Wrestling can be traced back to the ancient Sumerians 5000 years ago, it can be found 
in the historical annals of ancient Egypt, Greece, England and France, just to name a few.  
And no, I'm sure they didn't have fog machines making smoke, lights, or techno music 
blasting through speakers, but the connection is still there.


This activity has served as a basis for entertainment, training, introduction into adulthood, 
and as a rite of passage for young men.  That connection to history on a very real and very 
present level is what makes me love, cherish and value this beautiful activity so much!


LS: Tell us, what are your fans like? 

RN:  My fans are incredible! I love them, they are SO supportive in my professional life, 
and without them I would have a little less magic at each of my shows.


LS:  If you had the power, what one thing would you do to improve the sport? 

RN:  Make promoters who shouldn't be promoting take a test to prove they could run shows and 
treat wrestlers with respect. Too many individuals take advantage of the men and women who 
love this activity for their own personal gain.  It is unethical. If I could change anything, 
that would be it!


LS:  Where have you wrestled, and what titles have you held? 

RN:  No titles as of yet, however I have wrestled all over North Carolina, in Georgia, 
Tennessee, Virginia and soon Wyoming!


LS:  What are your thoughts on women participating in the sport? 

RN:  I love it!  I love this activity and the women who do it justice.  I do not like the 
women who use this sport as a way to advance their personal relationships/lives, it creates 
a negative atmosphere for those those who put in the work to give women in this sport validity. 


LS:  What was your most unforgettable moment in the sport? 

RN:  The very first time I stepped into the ring for my first show.  It is almost frozen in 
my mind like a snapshot.

LS:  Any regrets? 

RN:  None so far!  I try and live my life full-out so that I have crazy memories and no regrets!


LS:  What would you do if you couldn't be in wrestling? 

RN:  Dancing or teaching.  I love both so much, but wrestling is in my blood.


LS:  What is your personal motto? 

RN:  No Mercy, give infinity percent.


LS:  What would make you most happy in life? 

RN:  A wrestling contract, seeing my friends and family safe and happy, and accomplishing my dreams.


LS:  Anything else you'd like to add? 

RN: Join the No Mercy Mafia!


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