"I knew from the moment I first watched wrestling it would be a part of my life forever"

As a fabric, lace is delicate and fragile.  As a wrestler, Lisa Lace is 
anything but!  

LadySports is happy to introduce her to fans worldwide in this 
exclusive new interview.


The Stats:

Height: Five feet, five inches

Weight: One hundred twenty-five pounds

Hair: Brown/Black

Hometown: San Francisco, California

LADYSPORTS: Welcome to LadySports, Lisa. When did you first get into the sport?
LISA LACE: I became involved and started training in 2010.

LS: Who trained you?
LL: I originally trained at the APW Bootcamp in Hayward, California.

LS: What was your biggest influence to become a wrestler?
LL: I always dreamed big. Watching wrestling was like my escape and happy place when I was growing up. I always knew I wanted to perform in front of people, and do what people like to say you can't do. I knew from the moment I first watched wrestling it would be a part of my life forever, and that as soon as I possibly could I would start the path to pursuing it. Just one of those things you just know right away.

LS: What other sports do you have an interest in?
LL: I also enjoy baseball. I am a huge San Francisco Giants fan, and I used to play baseball all the time as a kid.

LS: How would you describe yourself in terms of attitude, personality, likes, dislikes, and strengths?
LL: In terms of attitude the word I would use is "humbled." I was always taught from Day One to keep your mouth shut and eyes and ears open. I was taught nothing will be handed to you and you have to work hard for every single thing. I respect every single one of my peers and want to see them all do great as well, because at the end of the day we are all in this together with the same passion. My biggest strength is my heart, for it keeps going and pushing to do the best I can possibly do.

LS: What is your most marked characteristic as a wrestler?
LL: Being the underdog. I'm usually one of the smaller ones but I am known to not let that stop me. You can see the fight in me and no matter how many times I get knocked down, I will keep getting back up.

LS: Describe a typical day of training for you. What is most important in your workout?
LL: Typically I do wrestling practice and then I go to the gym afterwards, because I have the most energy after being in the ring, it always gets me so pumped. Every day is training day. As far as working out, the most important part of my workout is cardio. It takes a lot staying conditioned to do this sport.

LS: How would you best describe your ring style?
LL: Very quick and some high flying. Submissions and chain wrestling are a big part of my style as well.

LS: What moves are you best known for?
LL: Underhook DDT, High Cross Body, and the Spear.

LS: Have you ever been injured in the ring?
LL: Yes, more than once.

LS: Who have been your toughest opponents?
LL: Christina Von Eerie and Nicole Savoy, just to name a couple. Nothing has been easy!

LS: Who are your allies?
LL: My tag partner Matt Carlos, and Boyce LeGrande.

LS: What has been your most memorable win?
LL: When I defeated Kikyo Nakamura at a ‘First Blood Match’ at Gold Rush Pro Wrestling.

LS: What was your worst loss?
LL: When I lost to Beatrice Domino in my BTW debut.

LS: Who is the one wrestler you would most like to face in the ring, but haven't yet?
LL: Jezette Marie from Knox Pro.

LS: What type of match do you enjoy the most?
LL: No rules, no mercy!

LS: What sort of reactions do you get from people when they learn you are a wrestler?
LL: Usually they are very shocked.

LS: What is so special about this sport to you?
LL: The meaning and passion we all have to do this sport. This sport made me believe, and it strives me to turn others into believers. To never stop fighting and not to give up on yourself.

LS: What are your fans like?
LL: Incredible! Behind me 100%, and I couldn't ask for better fans.

LS: If you had the power, what one thing would you do to improve the sport?
LL: If I had the power I would want everyone who is involved to be humble and appreciative of this sport and make sure no one comes in here disrespecting it. Which unfortunately happens a lot….

LS: Where have you wrestled, and what titles have you held?
LL: Northern California and Nevada. I have not won any tittles yet.

LS: What are your thoughts on women participating in the sport?
LL: I think it's great that women can step up in a man’s world and show them we can hang. It's a lot harder for women, and we have to work that much more to earn respect.

LS: What was your most unforgettable moment in the sport?
LL: My debut.

LS: Any regrets?
LL: None so far, and I hope there will never be any.

LS: What would you do if you couldn't be in wrestling?
LL: I would still want to be a performer, probably work towards actress/singer. But I couldn't imagine life without wrestling.

LS: What is your personal motto?
LL: "If you want it bad enough, you will have it eventually."

LS: What would make you most happy in life?
LL: If I can just keep doing what I love for as long as I possibly can.

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Photos courtesy of Ms Lace