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Kelz Belz


Known to Southern Belles fans as Kelly, and to her friends as Kelz Belz, this grappling blonde 
brings a quiet confidence to her matches, and has been impressing both opponents and fans alike.  
She recently made a visit to the Wrestling Factory in Manchester from her native North Wales, 
where she's been facing some of the toughest competition in the UK...and doing very well against 

Kelly began training in 2011 and wrestled for about the next five years, then took a break starting 
in 2016 in order to start a family.  Now, she's back because she still has the same love for the 
sport that she always had.  She credits Pippa L'Vinn as a huge influence on her return.

Standing 5'4" tall and weighing 9 stone 7 (so about 133 pounds for Americans), Kelly is not an 
Amazon by any means, but she wrestles with the heart of a warrior.  She is dedicated to doing 
her best, win or lose.

When asked about toughest opponents, she quickly says Storm (aka Axa), and a male competitor 
named Fritz.  Yes, Kelly is unafraid to wrestle with the opposite gender, even when she gives up 
significant size and power to them.  In the past, beating either of them has never been easy for 
Kelly, so any victory she scores over either is a cherished one.

Kelly is not a pro wrestler by any means, but she enjoys mat based grappling, and the most fun 
she has is when she and another female wrestle a male. " Hopefully we end up dominating the 
poor guy! We make him beg for his life!" she laughs.

Like most wrestlers it seems, her friends are utterly shocked that she enjoys wrestling.  She 
explained that she considers it a form of exercise, getting rid of daily stress, meeting new people,
and just having fun doing it.

The most memorable thing for her is competing at live wrestling events.  "I either remember that 
I don't want my opponent to beat and embarrass me, or I remember the cheers I get when I win. 
It gives me chills," she admits.

Although she's been wrestling off and on for more than a decade, and is certainly highly skilled, 
in recent months Kelly has dedicated herself to improving her wrestling even more, and has 
undertaken more intensive training, particularly in submission holds.

Still, she takes pride in how far she's come over the years.  "Learn to be happy with yourself and 
not worry about what others think," she says sagely.  And she's not willing to rest on her laurels, 
saying with a smile, "I'm always looking for new matches!"

One thing is for sure, Kelly is one to watch for!

And you can catch her in action RIGHT HERE vs Pippa L'Vinn!

Kelz Belz Kelz Belz Kelz Belz

Kelz Belz Kelz Belz Kelz Belz

Kelz Belz Kelz Belz