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"Inspiring children and motivating young women is what keeps me going."

The Stats:
Height:  Five feet, three inches
Weight:  One hundred and thirty pounds
Hair:  Blonde and brown
Hometown:  Roanoke, Virginia

The phrase "Virgina Dynasty" traditionally has meant how the commonwealth contributed so many 
Presidents to the nation's early history.  But these days, there's a new dynasty to be reckoned with, 
as Kenzi James picks up the mantle once held by her late brother in the ring wars!

Height:  Five feet, three inches
Weight:  One hundred and thirty pounds
Hair:  Blonde and brown
Hometown:  Roanoke, Virginia

LADYSPORTS:Hello Kenzi and welcome to LadySports. Tell us, what influenced you to become a professional wrestler?
KENZI JAMES: My first time getting into the sport was when my brother, Noah James, passed away...he was also a professional wrestler. Noah was definitely my biggest influence, but I was also influenced by big stars like Eddie Guerrero and Lita.

LS: And who trained you?
KJ: Jimmy Valiant helped to train me.

LS: What is your sports background?
KJ: I was into many sports as a young teen, and while in school I played basketball, softball, cheerleading, gymnastics, soccer, and I also did dance.

LS: And how would you describe your personality:
KJ: I'm a very outgoing person. I'm friendly, but when I'm in the ring I'm all about game. I focus and keep myself busy.

LS: What's your training regimen like?
KJ: My typical training day is definitely ring work. When in the gym I focus mainly on back and shoulder strength, because in the ring youíre required to have that for safety reason.

LS: And what's your style?
KJ: My ring style is based off of myself. I love Marvel and DC villains, so I get gear inspired by them.

LS: What are you known for in your matches?
KJ: Iím best known for my athletic moves in the ring such as my Cartwheel DDT from the top, my Springboard Cutter, or even my simple Back Walkover Double Knees. The crowd Pops for it!

LS: Have you suffered any injuries?
KJ: Yes, Iíve gotten a concussion, a fractured rib, and a broken wrist.

LS: Who have your toughest opponents been to date?
KJ: My toughest opponents have to be Kenzie Paige and Ellie. They are very talented competitors, and competing with them so early on, I felt that I wasnít good enough. But now Iím beginning to see my worth, and as of now I wish to face them again in the future!

LS: And your closest allies?
KJ: Allies? I donít have allies! Iím okay with everyone, and Iím always friendly. No one has really done anything wrong to meet that circumstance.

LS: What's your most memorable win?
KJ: My most memorable win was when I tagged with my close friend and we became first ever womenís tag champs. My worst loss was when I faced rib injury came into play and the match was ruined and we had to take it home and it was very, very painful emotionally and mentally.

LS: Who would you most like to work with, but haven't yet?
KJ: Chelsea Green or Ruby Soho is who I would wanna wrestle one day.

LS: What style of match do you enjoy the most?
KJ: I like all matches equally, they all bring spark to the table so thereís not many matches I have favoritism over.

LS: How have people reacted when they've learned that you're a professional wrestler?
KJ: They think itís pretty cool because in my hometown, no one else is.

LS: And what are you fans like?
KJ: They say Iím one of a kind and that theyíre rooting for me. Fans are all different, so depending where I go and what I play, some laugh and tune into the show, some are quiet and only get amazed with certain things, and some just enjoy it all!

LS: What makes wrestling so special for you?
KJ: The feeling of relief I have in the ring is special to me. Iíve met a lot of special people along the way. Inspiring children and motivating young women is what keeps me going.

LS: What's would you change about the sport to make it better?
KJ: I would stop the favoritism and judgements from others. The hate in wrestling is sad, and most GOOD wrestlers get paired off with starters, which is okay every once in a while, but names never get seen because no one puts them in a good position to be seen.

LS: Where have you wrestled thus far?
KJ: Iíve wrestled in Chicago, West Virginia, Indiana, Michigan, South and North Carolina, and Iím going out further soon to Maine, Houston, and Seattle.

LS: Have you held any titles?
KJ: Iíve held five titles.

LS: What is your opinion about women in the sport today?
KJ: Women are showing their power in the ring, but most get lost in their own ability to show assets rather than skill, which saddens me. Many lose sight of what's most importantÖthe sport.

LS: What has been your most unforgettable moment?
KJ: My most unforgettable moment was getting to share the ring with JD Drake and getting a "This is wrestling!" chant.

LS: Any regrets?
KJ: No regrets.

LS: What would you do if you weren't in wrestling?
KJ: I would live my life and focus on growing a family

LS: What is your personal motto?
KJ: If he can do it, so can I!

LS: And what continues to motivate you?
KJ: It sounds strange, but my brother was so strong and he still motivates me everyday.

LS: What would make you most happy in life?
KJ: Iím doing everything that makes me happy now. Iím in a beautiful relationship, Iím wrestling all around, Iím making memories and being myself, Iím doing a job working with kids and I absolutely adore it. So everything Iím doing now!

LS: Thank you so much, Kenzi!
KJ: Thank you!
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