LADYSPORTS STORY: Border City Wrestling

Heidi Katrina vs Rosemary

Photos and story by Brad McFarland

October 5 2016 was the Border City Wrestling debut for Heidi Katrina and TNA 
Superstar ROSEMARY in front of a packed and rabid crowd at St. Clair College 
in Windsor, Ontario.

It was just the third title defense of the CMLL-REINA International title held 
by Heidi and Rosemary was the toughest opponent that promoter Scott DiAmore 
could find-- and just to make sure everything was on the level, the referee 
was none other then WWE/TNA Superstar Gail Kim!!

To say the least, Rosemary is a very unpredictable wrestler, and she uses 
many unpredictable moves (just like Japanese wrestler Tajiri.) She gave Heidi a 
very tough time, and in the end, used her evil red mist in what many thought 
would be the finish--but referee Kim caught it, and put on her own finish 
(!!) which enabled Katrina to win in the end.