by Mark Lockey

Part 2

Live from The Wrestling Factory, Manchester, UK
Saturday 28 March 2015
Referee: Billy
MC: Brett Linforth
PA (Sound) Andy
Camera: Andrew
10 Ladies on the card; experienced Wrestling Factory regulars were 
joined by debutants: Karolina, Jenny Badeau and Vix Enoir.

Mat Based Contest: 15 minutes duration:
Jenny Badeau v Axa:
Jenny, fresh from her previous battle with Raven earlier would be severely tested again 
as her opponent this time was Axa. Jenny wore a bright red swimsuit with flesh coloured 
tights. Axa was minimally attired in a black bra and bright pink briefs. The match started 
with an interlocking of legs and thighs as each lady grappled amidst much puffing and 
panting. Jenny scored first as Axa tapped out, though fought back to level the scores at 
1-1. Axa, no doubt encouraged by her pin, attempted to take advantage and maintain her high 
tempo. Jenny was on the receiving end of Axa's onslaught and, cleverly maintained her 
stance on the mat to conserve her energy.
Jenny then made a decision to play to her strengths and used her assets to intimidate and 
dominate Axa. Both girls began to execute "upper body face smothers" as the scoring continued. 
Axa and Jenny were clearly enjoying their TITanic battle and continued right up until the 
final bell.
A close yet high scoring match, thoroughly embraced by the audience.
Pro.Style Contest: 15 minutes duration:
Roxi v Lana:
The ever popular Roxi entered the ring in a bright coloured pink two piece outfit. Opposing 
her in this pro. match: Lana, again wearing her eponymous costume, as before.
Both athletes were of a similar, petite height. The opening exchanges featured armlocks, 
countered by swivels. Lana headlocked Roxi and slammed her to the mat. Roxi, of vast 
experience, looked unconcerned. This evenly matched contest saw both ladies going all out 
and, not holding back in reserve at all. This was greatly appreciated by the audience.
Roxi brought Lana crashing to the canvas with a skilful drop toe hold and followed up to 
take advantage of her downed rival. Lana excecuted a brilliant manoeuvre out of danger as 
the drama and excitement heightened.
The match was unfolding into an exhibition of superb holds - Roxi displaying a full nelson 
to weaken Lana, then cleverly altering the move into a chinlock. Both ladies achieved 2 
counts, as the match continued to flow at an electrifying pace. Roxi applied a stranglehold 
in which Lana brilliantly countered by undressing herself out of the move (metaphorically 
speaking !) via an ingenious reversal. Lana mirrored the manoeuvre, though, Roxi's attempt 
to duplicate Lana's previous escape was thwarted as she was slammed to the mat.
At this point in the match Roxi appeared to have recieved an injury, gripping her ankle in 
pain and it looked for us all that there would be a premature end to this mouth watering bout. 
However, it transpired that Roxi was "playing possum" and faking her wound. Lana had been 
caught unaware and this allowed Roxi to take full advantage of the situation as she began 
to work Lana over.
Roxi managed to get Lana into a single leg boston which preceded a rollaround involving 
both ladies.
This epic match concluded after 2 clotheslines were compounded by a splash to proclaim a 
worthy winner.
Mat Based Contest: 15 minutes duration:
Shelby Beach v Pippa L'Vinn:
The penultimate match of this enthralling event was derived from "unfinished business" 
during a previous bout. Shelby Beach and Pippa L'Vinn were going to go all out in a mat based 
contest. The crowd really were being spoilt in anticipation of such a classic treat as two of 
the finest combatants in this country were going head to head, with no quarter given.
Both ladies were suitably attired in bra tops and shorts as the two great rivals set about 
each other from the opening bell. As one would expect with two wrestlers' of the highest 
calibre; the text book holds and moves were top drawer as both strived to gain the upper hand.
A fascinating fight ensued as each sought to outwit, outfight and out think the other. 
The match was a superb execution of mat based skills with two ladies at the top of their game.
Winner Stays on Tournament:
The final match of this event was a "Winner Stays on Tournament". Captains Shelby Beach and 
Pippa L'Vinn were invited to choose a wrestler each from todays show to wrestle against each 
other, with the agreement being that the victor would then compete against the next wrestler 
of the "defeated"captain's choice.
Shelby chose Axa whilst Pippa chose Raven to commence proceedings.
Every other wrestler - Karolina, Lisa Fury, Jenny Badeau, Lana, Roxi and Vix Enoir joined 
the affray, one on one with the victorious wrestler left standing from the previous match.
A lively conclusion to this memorable show where one girl fared incredibly well in defeating 
all put before her, including a 2 v 1 scenario in the final bout.
This wonderfully entertaining show had everything (and more) one could ask for - intense Mat Based 
action that really caught the imagination, complemented by fast paced Pro.style excitement. 
Some superb performances, including exciting, eye-catching debuts from the new girls Karolina, 
Jenny Badeau and Vix Enoir; hopefully they will all return to the show very soon.
Yet again another magnificent triumph for all who took part and especially to Pippa.
One can only fully appreciate how hard this wonderful lady works when you are present at a 
live event.
Arranging, performing, hosting and looking after all of the girls on the card plus, 
she always takes time out for her audience as well with wonderful hospitality.
Not only is she without doubt the hardest working wrestler in the UK but, the loveliest 
person you could ever wish to meet.
For those of us fortunate enough to have witnessed the action - we all felt honoured 
just to have been there at such a spectacular show.
For anyone who missed the show - do the next best thing and buy the DVD - you will not 
be disappointed and come along next time - I guarantee you will be hooked, we all are !

A Special Thank You to Pippa and all of her team who work so hard to bring us such wonderful entertainment....

Mark Lockey

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