by Mark Lockey

Part 1

Live from The Wrestling Factory, Manchester, UK
Saturday 28 March 2015
Referee: Billy
MC: Brett Linforth
PA (Sound) Andy
Camera: Andrew
10 Ladies on the card; experienced Wrestling Factory regulars were 
joined by debutants: Karolina, Jenny Badeau and Vix Enoir.

Mat Based Contest: 15 minutes duration:
Axa v Karolina:

The initial match of the day brought together the lovely Axa, in a vibrant pale 
blue bikini and show debutant: Karolina, who wore a red and white striped bra and 
black thong style briefs, with stunning red nails .
After a furious lock up to commence the bout; Axa took the lead on 35 seconds, 
then, compounded this via a scissors hold to go 2-0 in front.
Karolina pulled a submission back from Axa via a neat neck scissors hold. 
The match began to take shape as each girl thwarted the other to take charge.
Axa applied a fireman's carry whilst Karolina showed great resistance under pressure.
A very high scoring first contest from 2 gorgeous blondes in a lively opening match.
Pro Style Contest: 15 minutes duration:
Lisa Fury v Lana:

Next up, the first pro.style match of the day.
The lovable Liverpool lass: Lisa Fury is such a firm audience favourite. She 
always looks stunning and involves the crowd with her witty in-ring banter.
Her form-fitting one piece black swimsuit and tights were curiously matched 
by her opponent: Lana. Though, Lana did add thigh length leather boots and 
her personalised name to her costume.

As she joined Lisa in the ring, Lisa exclaimed "Are you copying my costume and my twirl ?"
Both ladies forced each other into the corners as the early exchanges unfolded. 
Lana attempted an early pin, Lisa escaped via the ropes. The swift holds 
continued as Lana smashed Lisa's head into the canvas. Lisa - as always very 
verbal - lulled Lana into a false sense of security, then attacked her in the 
Lisa continued her assault, cleverly keeping her opponent down on the floor whilst 
distracting the referee, then, gave her a punch to the inner thigh, just for good measure !
The bout intensified with armlocks and a sequence of superb holds and reversals. 
Lana came close with a 2 count with Lisa grateful for a grab of the ropes.
The match concluded as one lady cut down her opposite number with a low blow, 
followed by a single leg boston for the victory.
Mat Based Contest: 15 minutes duration:
Raven v Jenny Badeau:

One half of the Blackbirds: Raven was up against show newcomer: Jenny Badeau.
Raven was "leopard clad" in skirt, briefs and black tights. Jenny announced 
herself as "wild", attired in black bra and blue patterned trunks. Ms Badeau 
had no show debut nerves as she established a 1-0 lead, after applying a headlock. 
The lead, however, was short lived as the ever smiling Raven evened things up at 1-1.
Both wrestlers' furious legs entwined as each sought to gain an advantage; a spank 
from Raven let Jenny know that she was not to be messed with!
This evenly fought match rocked both ways as the ladies fought hard to 
gain supremacy. Raven showed immense strength by lifting Jenny clean off 
the canvas as the pins continued to mount up. A high scoring and very enjoyable encounter.
Pro.Style Tag Match: 15 minutes duration:
Red Hot Mama's v Roxi & Vix Enoir:

The Red Hot Mama's: Pippa L'Vinn & Shelby Beach were greeted by warm applause from the 
audience and, removed their lovely silk gowns to reveal their vibrant red swimsuits, 
tights and boots. Looking supremely confident - as they should - they awaited their opponents.
Roxi in a bright lime green outfit was paired up with show newcomer: Viz Enoir: a
ttired in a pink and black striped top and matching brief shorts.
Pippa locked up with Roxi to start proceedings. Pippa swept straight into action before 
Roxi could barely get her breath with an armbar then, tagged in Shelby.
Roxi then delivered a painful looking surfboard on Shelby who cleverly reversed and 
hip-tossed her way out of this potential submission. Pippa was brought back in and 
summoned up all of her strength with a full nelson - countered superbly by Roxi.
Vix Enoir then came through the ropes after being tagged to take on Pippa. The match 
developed a furious pace as Ms L'Vinn slammed Vix Enoir to the canvas, then, bringing 
in her ally and shouting encouragement to Shelby "Break her in two".
The Red Hot Mama's continued to use "clever teamwork" as their antics were questioned 
by their opposite numbers.
The match concluded with all 4 ladies in the ring where a pin was gained to take the victory. 
This caused some friction between the defeated team - more of this later.....
Mat Based Contest: 15 minutes duration:
Karolina v Raven:

Karolina and Raven opposed each other next. Both returning from previous promising 
performances today.
Karolina wore a black bra and combat style trunks whereas Raven opted for a one piece 
leather swimsuit with tights. The initial stages of the contest displayed an excellent 
use of the legs by both combatants. Raven commented: "You're stubborn", then spanked
her rival !
As the match progressed it became apparent that continuous strength holds via the 
legs and lower body would prove to be the decisive and dominant factors.
Raven secured an opening as Karolina tapped out. Raven's lead was short lived as 
she was pinned to bring the scores level. Continuous exemplary takedowns and counter 
holds graced the bout which was intense, though, remained friendly and respectful.
Raven's tights were unable to hold out and ripped due to the pressure applied by
the tenacious Karolina.
Both ladies gave their all in this intriguing battle.
Pro.Style Contest: 15 minutes duration:
Vix Enoir v Lisa Fury:

These two very attractive wrestlers brought more warm applause from the expectant audience.
Lisa, this time, opted for a blue/turquoise two peice outfit that emphasised her fantastic 
physique. Vix Enoir looked equally stunning, as before with her pink and black attire. 
The show debutant, this time in singles action, looked keen to display her full repertoire 
as she exclaimed "Don't set me angry" and took the fight to Lisa with armlocks and slams. 
Lisa craftily halted her progress with a finger to the eye of her opponent. The match 
developed into a great rivalry, with both ladies determined to be victorious. Ms Fury wrapped 
her long, sumptuous legs around her grimacing opponent and, Vix Enoir did well to break the 
painful hold. Both ladies went all out to gain the advantage that would ultimately secure
victory. Vix Enoir went on the offensive by working Lisa on the ropes, Lisa, undeterred dished 
out an open handed slap which caused Vix Enoir much anguish.
The match concluded by one girl being thrust into the turnbuckle and then slammed to the 
mat for the 3 count.

Stay tuned for part 2...

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