LadySports ::: Jazmyne Hao

Q & A: Jazmyne Hao

The Stats:
Height: 5í6
Weight: 145 lb.
Hair: Brown
Hometown: Charlotte, NC

LADYSPORTS: Welcome to LadySports, Jazmyne.  Tell us, when did you first get into the sport?

JAZMYNE HAO: When I was like 9 and this was around 2011, so wrestling was definitely fun around that time. Piqued my interest very high.

LS:And who trained you? JH: George South, Caprice Coleman and James Drake

LS: What was your biggest influence to become a wrestler? JH: Watching it is one thing, especially as a woman, and seeing womenís wrestling change in front of my eyes in the modern era was enough influence for me to get out there and be a part of it, Iíd say Sasha Banks was a huge factor to me in that aspect, and played a huge part in me actually getting in the ring. And my all-time favorite Hiroshi Tanahashi was definitely a huge factor as well.

LS: What other sports do you have an interest in? JH: MMA.

LS: How would you describe yourself in terms of attitude, personality, likes, dislikes, and strengths? JH: My attitude is definitely ruthless. Iím like a time bomb... set me off and thatís all youíre going to see. My personality is easy going, and my strengths... well, I canít tell you that ... any enemy could be reading this right now and trying to figure me out.

LS: What is your most marked characteristic as a wrestler? JH: Warrior. Definitely that.

LS: Describe a typical day of training for you. What is most important in your workout? JH: Legs and cardio. Got to keep both of those in good shape for multiple reasons.

LS: How would you best describe your ring style? JH: Powerhouse and high flying.

LS: What moves are you best known for? JH: My finisher is the Dragonís Knockout (guillotine), and my signature moves are the senton, cannonball, shotgun drop kick, curb stomp, strikes and kicks.

LS: Have you ever been injured in the ring? JH: Yes. There was one time I got chokeslammed by someone whoís, like, incredibly tall and I got concussed afterwards, but it wasnít a big deal to me.

LS: Who have been your toughest opponents? JH: My toughest opponents so far have been Brittany Jade, Kasey Fox and Kenzie James.

LS: Who are your allies? JH: I know one I can definitely count on, and his name is Thomas Extreme.

LS: What has been your most memorable win? JH: See, this is a funny question, because all of my wins are memorable. I donít think of one lesser than the other, so all of them.

LS: What was your worst loss? JH: Definitely when I lost the match against Kasey Fox for the AIWF womenís championship. It was the match to determine the first womenís champion for the promotion ever, and I blew it. That will forever stick with me. God, I hate it!

LS: Who is the one wrestler you would most like to face in the ring, but haven't yet? JH: Savannah Evans, and there is no one else I would like to face right now more than her.

LS: What type of match do you enjoy the most? JH: I personally enjoy a good olí tag team match

LS: What sort of reactions do you get from people when they learn you are a wrestler? JH: Their reactions are priceless! Sometimes funny even, they like get excited and start asking so many questions, and asking if they can see videos.

LS: What is so special about this sport to you? JH: Everything. Words canít even describe how special this sport is to me. Thereís no particular thing about it that makes it special, because everything about it is special.

LS: What are your fans like? JH: Funny like me, and very supportive.

LS: If you had the power, what one thing would you do to improve the sport? JH: Enforce inter-gender wrestling, I love those types of matches, and not only do I love them, but they should be something thatís looked at as the normal now.

LS: Where have you wrestled, and what titles have you held? JH: Iíve wrestled at Xtreme World Wrestling, Bad Boyz Of Wrestling, American Lucha Wrestling, ACCW, Allied Independent Wrestling Federation, and Iíve held zero titles so far, but thatíll change very soon!

LS: What are your thoughts on women participating in the sport? JH: Amazing of course, itís actually everything to me. We deserve to participate in it just as much as our male counterparts.

LS: What was your most unforgettable moment in the sport? JH: Canít really answer that right now...everything is still fresh to me.

LS: Any regrets? JH No.

LS: What would you do if you couldn't be in wrestling? JH: Iíd be a firefighter...another thing I always wanted to be as a kid.

LS: What is your personal motto? JH: Thereís three things that cannot be long hidden... the sun, the moon and the truth.

LS: What would make you most happy in life? JH: Living in a lake house with my dog.

LS: Anything else you'd like to add? JH: Nope. Thanks for having me.