“I got in this business to have fun, and that's exactly what I'm doing!”

For some women, wrestling is what they do until they “settle down” into a
normal life. But for Alexxa Flood, wrestling is as normal to her life as
her family, for this mother of two has a genuine love for the sport.
LadySports is happy to help introduce her to fans worldwide with this
exclusive new interview!

The Stats:

Height:    Five feet, four inches

Weight:    One hundred sixty-seven pounds

Hometown:  Toronto, Ontario Canada

LADYSPORTS:  Welcome to LadySports, Alexxa!  Tell us, when did you first get into this sport?

ALEXXA FLOOD:  I began training when I was 15, and I had my first match at 16.

LS:  Who trained you?

AF:  My first trainer was Bobby Houston, who is based out of Northern Illinois. After a couple
 of years I took a small break, then was retrained by the Northern Saint Tony Flood, who 
later became my husband.

LS:  What was your biggest influence to become a wrestler?

AF:  I used to watch it with my Dad when I was little.  I loved watching Ric Flair 
in the ring, and decided that this was what I was meant to do.

LS:  What other sports do you have an interest in?

AF:  Basketball, football and NASCAR.

LS:  How would you describe yourself in terms of attitude, personality, likes, 
dislikes and strengths?

AF:  My attitude can be a little off-putting to some people.  I'm a very blunt and 
honest person.  I've always preferred honesty over false modesty.  I like being around 
people who aren't afraid to let loose and have fun!  In my opinion that's a key 
ingredient to making it in this business.  I dislike when people take it over the 
top and expect you to be a certain way, or think a certain way.

LS:  What is your most marked characteristic as a wrestler?

AF:  My husband says my buns of steel!

LS:  Describe a typical day of training.

AF:  Honestly, I don't train.  My "training" or exercise is watching after two children, 
two dogs, maintaining a clean house and managing to get dinner on the table.

LS: How would you best describe your in-ring style?

AF:  I consider myself a mixture of modern and old school.  I prefer to work a little 
slower so the fans can see and appreciate the technicality of the match.  But I'm 
definitely not opposed to adding a little flash and flair!

LS: What moves are you best known for?

AF:  The Bust-E-Eh, which is basically the Glam Slam, and the Blackout, which 
is the CodeBreaker.

LS:  Have you ever been injured in the ring?

AF:  Yup!  I fractured my tailbone giving a backpack stunner, and I've had a few 
concussions along the way.

LS:  Who have been your toughest opponents?

AF:  My husband for one.  I'd never been more nervous stepping foot into a ring.  
And LVK.  He still managed to pull out the win after I put everything I had into 
the match.

LS:  Who are your allies?

AF:  The Northern Saint Tony Flood, Coach Matthew Burns and the Scumbag, Dalton Diamond

LS:  What was your most memorable win?

AF:  Pulling out a victory being the only female in a 25 man battle royal!

LS:  Most memorable loss?

AF:  LVK at Chestermania in 2013.  It didn't matter what I tried, he always 
one-upped me and stole the victory.

LS:  Who is one wrestler you haven't faced that you want to?

AF:  Mickie Knuckles.  I've always admired her for her strength and courage in the ring.

LS:  What type of match do you enjoy most?

AF:  Intergender tag matches because for one, I have my husband by my side, and two, 
I get to wrestle a male and female at the same time.

LS:  Why is this sport so special to you?

AF:  It reminds me of my childhood.  I used to watch it with my Dad and Grandpa 
all the time.  Plus, it's how I met my husband and brought me to the life and 
family I have today.

LS:  What are your fans like?

AF:  Well, being the "bad guy" I don't have many, but the ones I do have are very 
loyal and supportive.

LS:  If you had the power, what would you do to improve the sport?

AF:  I would bring back a simpler era. I feel as though fans were more into wrestling 
in the olden days, when it was more about talent than flash or popularity.

LS:  Where have you worked and what titles have you held?

AF:  I've worked from Northern to Southern Illinois and parts of Tennessee. Currently 
my husband and I are regulars at StrictlyNSane, and are about to debut for Tennessee 
All Pro.  And I have yet to hold a title. I stress the word Yet.

LS:  What are your thoughts on women wrestlers?

AF:  No different than men. We can do just as much as they can!

LS:  What is your most unforgettable moment?

AF:  My very first day of training. It was brutal. Much harder than I expected and 
I did not want to get out of bed the next day.

LS:  Do you have any regrets?

AF:  Nope! I got in this business to have fun and that's exactly what I'm doing!

LS:  What would you do if you couldn't be in wrestling?

AF:  I'd probably just spend my weekends relaxing and painting.

LS:  What's your personal motto?

AF:  Family ALWAYS comes first.

LS:  What would make you most happy in life?

AF:  I'm perfectly happy already!  I have a loving husband, two beautiful children 
and a wonderful family!

LS:   Any final comments?

AF:  To everyone out there, male or female, who wants to get into this business, 
make sure you have the strength and will power to do it because it can be tough.  
But the pay-off is well worth it!