Saturday 29 March 2014 ... Show Report by Mark Lockey


        Pro.Style Tag Match: 15 minutes duration
        The Red Hot Mamas v Nadia Sapphire & Sammi Jayne:

        The ever popular Red Hot Mamas brought thunderous applause upon their ring entrance. 
        Both Pippa and Shelby wore their white silk gowns before both unveiling pretty floral 
        costumes with mini skirts and white boots. Their opponents: Nadia Sapphire & Sammi Jayne, 
        both retaining the costumes they wore for their previous, respective bouts. First up 
        would be Shelby Beach v Nadia. The newcomer applied an impressive drop toe hold then, 
        Shelby tagged Pippa into the mix.
        Nadia seemed unconcerned at the undoubted quality of her opponent and was more than 
        holding her own in such illustrious company. Shelby and Sammi were both tagged in, 
        keeping the battle fresh and the momentum of the match at a swift pace.
        Sammi rolled Shelby up for a 2 count as both ladies exchanged a series of holds and 
        counter manouevres. Shelby with a full nelson then hip toss, followed by a backbreaker 
        which merged into a pretzel and armlock. The bout was a spectacular show by all 4 of the 
        combatants, greatly appreciated by the crowd.
        Pippa again entered the battle zone and, after clever use of the ropes began to work on 
        Sammi's legs with a variation of a bow and arrow and, a cheeky crotch hold added for 
        good measure. Referee Paul Steele even took a tumble himself and was then thrown into 
        Sammi, by Shelby, who had been tagged in.
        Chaos ensued as Sammi continued to take some abuse before all of the wrestlers were 
        fighting in the ring. A clever row boat hold by the Red Hot Mamas worked the legs of 
        Nadia and Sammi before a double submission brought this exciting match to an end.
        Mat Based Contest: 15 minutes duration:
        Dynamo v Mara:

        The ever popular Dynamo, making a welcome return to the factory. As always this fun, 
        buoyant, character enjoys nothing more that banter with the crowd and, especially the MC: 
        Brett Linforth. She wore a stunning orange and black two piece outfit. Her mat opponent 
        was newcomer Mara, in her second contest of the day. The agile Mara wore a pink top and 
        pink and blue briefs. This contest proved to be an intriguing bout with both ladies equally 
        matched, superb use of the legs by the Londoner was succesfully thwarted by the Hungarian 
        who, has incredible strength for such a slight build; so much so that Dynamo was heard to 
        exclaim "I'm scared!"
        The ladies continued to size each other up, with neither giving anything away. This just 
        added to the intensity of the bout, a severe test of just who would weaken first.
        Mara was all smiles, clearly enjoying the challenge whereas Dynamo provided a running 
        commentary to us in the audience.
        A most enjoyable contest, very much appreciated by the enthusiastic and vocal crowd.
        Pro.Style Contest: 15 minutes duration:
        Ayesha Ray v Sarah:

        Ayesha Ray came to the ring, possibly without knowing the identity of her opposing wrestler, 
        as, when her opponent was relayed to her by the MC: Brett, she responded "playtime" in a 
        confident tone of voice. Though she may appear menacing to any lady facing her, she 
        looked magnificent in her skin tight black leather leotard.
        Sarah entered in a black & lime green top and sexy, skin tight, matching green lycra shorts. 
        Ayesha opened up and used her height advantage by applying an arm bar and wrist lock on the 
        Scottish girl; this was rolled out of superbly by Sarah. This bout would be all about Ayesha's 
        strength versus Sarah's guile.
        Ayesha attempted to weaken her opponent but, Sarah was having none of it. Ms Ray had Sarah 
        in a single leg boston, however the safety of the ropes were successfully negotiated. Sarah's 
        retaliation was swift as she more than matched Ayesha's previous hold via a full boston crab. 
        The match was heating up as a series of fore arm smashes led to final submission. 
        A stirring, rousing contest.
        Mat Based Contest: 15 minutes duration:
        Fiona Frazer v Lisa Fury:

        Scotland v Liverpool next up on the canvas. The two very attractive wrestlers brought more 
        warm applause from the expectant audience.  Lisa, this time, opted for a tiny green bikini 
        that emphasised her fantastic physique. Fiona looked equally stunning, as before with her 2 
        piece outfit and outstanding make up. Lisa described by MC: Brett as "luscious in lime" was 
        first to force the offensive with a leg lock scissorhold and took an early lead. More holds 
        followed in this fascinating encounter as Fiona fought back to equal the scoring at 1-1. The 
        ladies continued to stretch each other to the limit with each hold seemingly more progressive 
        than the last, as an advantage was sought by both. The scoring soon increased to 2-2 as there 
        was nothing but a hair's breath between them and, for the crowd it was becoming difficult to 
        predict who would come out on top. Lisa forced a drop toe hold on Fiona before tactically 
        working on her knee in a bid to weaken the Scottish lady.
        This led to a submission that put Lisa narrowly in front at 3-2. A very evenly matched 
        contest was proving to be one of the best bouts of the show. Fiona's silent but effective 
        stance against Lisa's more outgoing approach. One cannot fail to adore the Liverpool lass 
        as she continually keeps us all so entertained by her quick thinking witty one-liners; no 
        doubt that her Liverpool upbringing has helped develop her into such a charismatic performer.
        This high-scoring match concluded at the bell with a 6-4 victory.
        Mat Based Contest: 15 minutes duration:
        Dynamo v Szamanta:

        The penultimate contest of this breathtaking show matched up Dynamo - looking resplendent in 
        her blue top and shorts, facing Hungarian Szamanta, wearing a black top and grey shorts. 
        The ladies locked up and it became apparent from the early stages that both stubbornly refused 
        to give away anything. Szamanta seemed to relish the challenge before her and, had good grounding 
        from her previous match against Pippa. Dynamo exclaimed "she's like a leech" as she tried 
        time and again to make the newcomer tap out. The incredible strength that both ladies possessed 
        was easy to see as the strain on their faces portrayed. Once more, Dynamo's interraction with the 
        audience was greatly appreciated by the crowd and MC: Brett. The intensity continued for the 
        full 15 minutes and Dynamo, as with her previous bout, created another first here at the 
        Wrestling Factory.......

        The final match of this enthralling event was the traditional Rumble - the last girl standing 
        would be declared the winner.
        No prizes, no gimmicks, just an all out battle of strength, cunning and ingenuity as each 
        lady was all out for herself.
        There were to be 9 competing wrestlers in all.
        Nadia locked up against Fiona Frazer at first followed at 30 second intervals by: Shelby 
        Beach, Lisa Fury, Sarah, Ayesha Ray, Viper, Sammi Jayne, and Pippa L'Vinn, The action was fast 
        and furious; girls were thrown, pushed, shoved and removed from the ring in whichever way possible...
        until only 1 was remaining to claim the victory !
        However, as one lady stood triumphant, a late entrant from the audience came through the ropes 
        to challenge her ......

        This wonderfully entertaining anniversary show had everything (and more) one could ask for - 
        intense Mat Based action that really caught the imagination, complemented by fast paced Pro
        style excitement. Time and again this event has such a high audience turnout as people just 
        love showtime at the Wrestling Factory. The audience can take a well deserved pat on the back 
        for playing its part so well.
        Some superb performances, including exciting, eye-catching debuts from the new girls Nadia 
        Sapphire, Szamanta, and Mara; hopefully they will all return to the show very soon. A special 
        mention to MC: Brett Linforth who has been entertaining us since 2009 and this was his 19th 
        show. Brett always does such a fantastic job and is very much appreciated by all of us, as 
        without him the shows just would not seem the same.
        Yet again another magnificent triumph for all who took part and especially to Pippa.
        One can only fully appreciate how hard this wonderful lady works when you are present at 
        a live event. Arranging, performing, hosting and looking after all of the girls on the card 
        plus, she always takes time out for her audience as well. Not only is she without doubt the 
        hardest working wrestler in the UK but, the loveliest person you could ever wish to meet.
        For those of us fortunate enough to have witnessed the action - we all felt honoured just 
        to have been there at such a spectacular show.
        For anyone who missed the show - do the next best thing and buy the DVD - you will not be 
        disappointed and come along next time - I guarantee you will be hooked, we all are !
        A Special Thank You to Pippa and all of her team who work so hard to bring us such 
        wonderful entertainment....
        Mark Lockey
        Next Show: Saturday 21 June 2014
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Photos courtesy of Pippa L'Vinn