Saturday 29 March 2014 ... Show Report by Mark Lockey

    Referee: Paul Steele.
    MC: Brett Linforth.
    Corner Men: Dave and Chris.
    PA (Sound) Andy.
    Camera: Andrew.

    The 10th Anniversary Show since the inaugural event "Blackpool Rocks", way back 
    in 2004.
    It seems incredible that 10 years have passed since the first show where, since 
    that time, a few of us have piled on a few extra pounds and lost a few strands 
    of hair; whereas Pippa L'Vinn and Shelby Beach have not aged at all, and retain 
    their glamorous looks and stunning figures.
    A special thanks and deserved recognition for Dave for "planting the seed" in 
    2004 and attending practically every show since - a lovely man and treasured 
   friend of Pippa's.
    Mat Based Contest: 15 minutes duration:
    Shelby Beach v Mara:

    Shelby emerged from the locker room to much applause from the expectant audience. 
    Attired in a pretty pink and purple tie-up bikini.
    Her opponent, a debutant from Hungary: Mara, looking equally stunning in an orange 
    top and briefs. After a polonged lock-up as the 2 ladies tested each others strength; 
    Mara forced Shelby into a headlock near the ropes and gained an 
    early submission.
    Ms Beach, undeterred by her setback reversed and rolled out of Mara's next hold 
    and levelled the score at 1-1. The Hungarian lady, smiling throughout, continued her 
    attacking prowess with Shelby having to counter Mara's holds as Shelby went behind again: 
    2-1 in Mara's favour. This was a very sporting bout with both ladies clearly 
    enjoying the challenge. Mara, as with her fellow countrywomen: Antscha and Viktoria
    has exceptional strength for her slight frame.Shelby continued to pressurise her 
    Hungarian counterpart, though, Mara resisted superbly she was unable to prevent an 
    evening up of scores at 2-2. Both ladies began to use their strong legs and each 
    mirrored the others' holds. This sporting opening contest was brought to a satisfying 
    close on the 15 minute time limit.
    Pro.Style Contest: 15 minutes duration:
    Viper v Sarah:

    Next up, the first pro. style match of the day.
    An all Scottish bout with Viper confidently making her entrance in a red leotard, 
   fishnet tights and boots. Sarah joined her in the ring in a black leather top and 
   form fitting leopard skin shorts. As the bell rang Sarah encouraged the audience to 
   applaud her. Viper launched her initial onslaught and, pulled Sarah's hair as she had 
   her trapped in the turnbuckle. Keen to compound her quick offensive; Viper slammed 
   Sarah to the mat and followed up by applying a painful looking scissors hold as she 
   threatened to take control. Viper applied a camel clutch that had Sarah reaching for 
   the ropes for rescue. Sarah was needing to dig deep and perhaps seize her moment if 
   she was to thwart her dominant opponent. Sarah showed superb resilience as she recovered 
   from continuous holds, including a surfboard. Viper slammed her to the mat head first 
   and referee Paul signaled a 2 count. Viper then appeared to become frustrated that 
   her efforts were not being rewarded, accusing the ref of being biased!  Sarah then 
   summoned the strength and battled her way back into the contest. Viper, not to be 
   outdone, applied a crotch hold and slam which acquired another 2 count, to which 
    she exclaimed: "I've won this match 5 times!" A clever reversal out of a chin lock 
   obtained a submission to resolve the match.
    Pro.Style Contest: 15 minutes duration:
    Ayesha Ray v Nadia Sapphire:

    Ayesha Ray strode to the ring, confident and menacing. She looked fantastic in her 
    leather leotard with black tights and boots. She stood in the ring awaiting her opponent 
    patiently as newcomer to the Wrestling Factory: Nadia Sapphire came out of the locker room.
    A bouncing bundle of energy; Nadia seemed unperturbed by the size of her adversary as 
    Ayesha literally towered over her. Nadia, from Swindon but now based in Cardiff, also 
    wore primarily black with sparkling leggings and pretty pink coverings over her boots.
    Ms Ray took the fight to Nadia opening up with an arm bar, merging into a wrist lock - 
    both cleverly countered by the exuberant debutant.
    A scissors hold threatened to squeeze the life out of Nadia until she broke free from 
    the hold and applied a kick to Ayesha's mid-section, furthering her offense she appeared 
    to have the taller lady in trouble with a chin lock and gained a 2 count via a 
    roll up. Ayesha took stock and began some devastating lunges, followed by a camel clutch, 
    fiercely resisted by Nadia. Both girls were using the ropes to their advantage as Nadia's 
    fore arm smash was balanced by a clothes line from Ayesha Ray.
    The match was finished with a boston crab that forced a submission.
    There were afters as well, as both ladies seemed content to continue with their battle 
    in the ring, even though the bell had been rung to signal the end of the match.
    Mat Based Contest: 15 minutes duration:
    Szamanta v Pippa L'Vinn:

    Another debut girl to the show for this mat based contest; from Hungary: Szamanta, 
    wearing a colourful top with black shorts. This was to be a true baptism of fire as her 
    opponent was Pippa L'Vinn. Pippa in her aqua one piece swimsuit, looked vibrant and 
    confident. Szamanta needed to be at the very top of her game to mix it up with the all 
    conquering Pippa. The Hungarian was quick and plucky as she showed no nerves at all, 
    considering the immense challenge that was to unfold before our very eyes.
    Ms L'Vinn's speed and strength was a joy to watch as she sought out every avenue to 
    lock on to her combatant. As with her country ally Mara, Szamanta's strength, especially 
    in her legs was very impressive for someone with such a slight build. Pippa's 
    experience guided her as she took the fight to Szamanta, even throwing in a wedgie to 
    keep the other lady on her toes. Pippa was starting to get fired up and her moves varied 
    as the powerful, determined, glamorous athlete went into a 2-1 lead.
    The referee started to question some of Pippa's holds but, as one gentleman from the 
    audience was keen to point out: "It's not dirty, it's just tactics!", and who could argue 
    with him.
    As the match headed towards its conclusion with both ladies locked evenly at 2 falls 
    each, a winning head scissors submission took the final score to 3-2 in one ladies favour. 
    However, after consultation between the referee and MC a controversial decision 
    was reached...........
    Pro.Style Contest: 15 minutes duration:
    Lisa Fury v Viper:

    The lovable Liverpool lass Lisa Fury came out of the locker room area for her first match 
    of the show. She looked magnificent in her figure hugging purple spandex leotard.
    Opposing her for her second contest of the day, the equally beautiful Viper. An exchange 
    of words were made before the ladies got to grips with accusations towards Lisa's striking 
    assets, and the authenticity of them ! There was surely no love lost between these two as 
    battle commenced. A spot of hairpulling by both set the scene for what promised to be a fiery 
    encounter. Lisa was her usual vocal self, enjoying banter with the crowd whilst Viper preferred 
    to remain the strong silent type. Viper slammed Lisa to the canvas and then began spanking her. 
    This led to Lisa clamouring for the ropes as a means of escape.
    Viper sensed an advantage and applied a headlock, a scissors hold followed as she threatened 
    to wear Lisa down who, in turn,did well to resist.
    Ms Fury then began to dig deep and forced her way back into the bout with a spectacular 
    dropkick. This excellent match continued at an alarming pace this time with Lisa assuming 
    control with first an elbow, then a low blow followed by a roll up for a 2 count. The crowd 
    were lapping up the action as the two glamorous grapplers maintained a high standard of holds 
    and counter moves.
    A final slam and smash concluded this superb contest.
    Pro.Style Contest: 15 minutes duration:
    Fiona Frazer v Sammi Jayne:

    The second all Scottish encounter of the show - Fiona Frazer entered first in a striking 
    black 2 piece outfit including sexy 
    leather shorts. Her make up looked superb in a goth style that really suited her. Her country 
    ally - but not during the next 15 minutes - looked equally stunning in a more traditional 
    wrestling outfit: a bright red one piece which tailored off into 
    a skirt with a black leotard underneath.
    Both girls came out of their respective corners on the bell and began working on each others 
    wrists before Sammi secured an impressive bridge, brilliantly rolled out by Fiona. Ms Frazer 
    looked mean and nonplussed with Sammi and decided to try and work her over. Sammi, as with 
    Viper in the previous bout, is the strong silent type who goes about her duties in the ring 
    almost without a murmur. Sammi applied a scissors hold and then began to slowly prize Fiona's 
    legs apart, the strain on her inner thighs must've been excruciating. However, she countered 
    and fore arm smashed her way out of this most compromising of positions ! A boston crab took 
    Sammi by surprise as the two continued to exchange a series of holds in this evenly matched 
    A final submission brought the first half of the show to a close.

Photos courtesy of Pippa L'Vinn