LadySports ::: EVOLVE Wrestling in Livonia, Michigan

pics courtesy of Brad McFarlin & Evolve

        Shotzi Blackheart vs Camron Bra'nae

EVOLVE Wrestling
in Livonia, Michigan. Knights of Columbus Hall.
Saturday September 1, 2019 photos: Brad McFarlin
Coverage by Mark Lockey

Camron looks vibrant and confident in a colourful 2 piece costume.
Her opponent: Shotzi Blackheart: sporting bright green hair, and immaculate 
make up wears a black leather swimsuit and fishnet tights.

The audience is anticipating a close contest and it starts with Shotzi taking 
things to her opponent with an armbar, further compounding the hold with the use 
of her knee. Camron is still fresh so early on in the bout and responds positively, 
tumbling Shotzi to the canvas, much to the crowd's delight.

Shotzi, now on the defensive, uses her powerful boots to keep her rival from 
inflicting further punishment. Further exchanges are made between the two; testing 
each others' strength and resilience.
Camron is caught off guard by her nemesis with a flying dropkick, again, greatly 
appreciated by the audience. The packed crowd were getting their moneys worth as 
both ladies rocked back and forth, with no clear advantage yet gained by either.

Camron upped the stakes by pounding Shotzi in the turnbuckle with a series of swift 
blows, using her non-striking arm forcibly against her neck, keeping her upright and 
therefore able to absorb maximum pressure. The onslaught continued as Camron shoulder-charged 
Shotzi in an attempt to take the wind out of her sails in the corner of the ring.

Gradually manoeuvring herself out of her prone and exposed position, Shotzi came back 
strongly, planting her closed fist into the mid section of her rival. Camron again retaliated,
 using her long legs as a deadly weapon, catching Shotzi full on in the face. Seizing an 
opportunity, Camron gathered up Shotzi, hoisting her shoulder high.

More spectacular moves were displayed by both of these athletic ladies before one eventually 
emerged victorious.