“I’m going to fight fire with fire!”

When Allie Parker made her PGWA debut just a few months ago, she had high expectations 
of going far, perhaps even all the way to the title.


But in a bafflingly brief span of time, she saw those hopes dashed.  In no time at 
all, she went from being the PGWA’s ‘Next Big Thing’ to being its ‘Never Will Be’.


And how did this come about?  Because she played by the rules.


It all began with her inaugural PGWA match, when she faced Jennifer Thomas.  Now, Jennifer is indisputably 
one of the toughest women in the PGWA, and there’s certainly no shame in losing to her, especially if you
 give a good accounting of yourself, which Allie most definitely did.  Indeed, she even came close to 
winning the match herself.  Still, at the end of the day, she had an ‘L’ in her column, which made it 
crucially important that she rebound with a victory in her next bout.


Knowing she had to not only win, but win decisively against a highly credible opponent, Parker requested 
that she be booked against as tough an adversary as was available.  The woman chosen was Mila Naniki, who 
would be making her own PGWA debut in this match.  The Puerto Rican is renowned for a towering ego, but 
she seems to have talent to equal the ego, and she had proven she could back up her boasts.


The first half of their match saw a thrilling battle between two equals, with perhaps a slight edge going 
to Allie.  But things changed radically when Naniki opted to ignore the rules and overwhelmed Parker with 
an onslaught of brawling tactics and outright illegal moves.  Adding insult to injury, Mila humiliated 
Allie by forcing her to submit repeatedly, the Latina refusing again and again to accept the surrender 
until finally, bored with her battered plaything, she brought the match to a final end.


The repercussions of that match, following so closely to the loss to Jennifer, reverberated throughout 
the sport; virtually overnight, Allie Parker…for all of her past ring triumphs and accomplishments... 
was branded as a jobber!


Retreating back to her home in Las Vegas, Allie watched the videos of those two matches over and over again, 
studying them in the most minutest detail.  She finally came to a sobering conclusion:  “I was myself.”


“I wrestled excellently in both matches,” she reflects.  “In a fair match, I think I could have beaten 
Jennifer, and I know I would have beaten Mila.  However, those weren’t fair matches.”


“I was trained to obey the rules, and that’s the kind of person I am.  My whole life, I’ve believed that 
you don’t cut corners to success, and that good sportswomanship is what healthy competition should be all about.  
But Jennifer Thomas isn’t afraid to bend the rules to suit herself.  And Naniki?  She wouldn’t know a rule 
if it kicked her in that over-hyped behind of hers!”


“My problem was, I came to play chess, and they came to play rugby.  I expected them to adhere to the 
same rules I do, and I paid the price for that.  I’d like to think that eventually, my way will come 
out on top, and I can prove to them that cheaters never prosper.  But we live in the real world, and we 
all know that cheaters do get ahead…unless they’re stopped.”


“And the only way to really stop them is to play their game.  So from now on, I’m going to fight fire 
with fire!  Jennifer and Mila want to play rough?  They want to brawl?  Fine by me, I’ll show them what 
a real brawl is like!”


“I’m done being their doormat.  From now on, I’ll give my opponents a chance to show they can play by 
the rulebook.  But the moment they start to cheat, then the kid gloves come off, and I’ll do whatever 
it takes to beat them!”


Jennifer and Mila may have thought they had marginalized Allie, eliminating her as a threat. 
But instead, they may have just set themselves up for a huge fall, because when Parker steps into 
the ring from now on, she had only one goal in mind:  WIN!