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Pippa L'Vinn vs Raven

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Pippa vs Raven
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Reminiscent of the 50s and 60s lady wrestling so these images are black and white.

Before the match started, Ladysports asked the girls to present themselves as the 
traditional classic wrestlers from that era.  

Pippa and Raven had their match and with Pippa having much more experience and 
skill, she owned Raven during most of this contest.  Raven is quite strong and 
made the former PGWA champ submit, but Pippa came out on top using a 3 count 
school girl pin on Raven.

Many of you know the two make up an amateur tag team called the 'Black Birds'...
and the two have worked well together... so Raven wanted to give pro style a try...  

She is getting more and more confident in pro style, but Pippa  could destroy her 
and did so in this very short match."If she is going to jump in the ring as a pro, 
she's got a lot more to learn!" said Pippa in a post match interview.

The match contained a full array and variety of holds: full nelsons, scissor holds 
and, a bit of hair pulling and costume tugging was also thrown into the mix.

...and the match went like this.. 

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Pippa vs Raven
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August 21, 2020