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Shelby Beach vs Raven

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Shelby vs Raven
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A Southern Belles Wrestling Club match  2-5- 2020

by Mark Lockey

Shelby Beach takes on Raven for the first time in singles action.

Both wrestlers are part of a tag team with Pippa L'Vinn; The Red Hot
Mama's and The Blackbirds, respectively, and, have faced each other
in tag matches previously.

The scene is set for a fascinating contest with the more experienced 
Shelby testing herself against the younger Raven.

The ladies lock up in the ring; both wearing  colourful high cut swimsuits that 
complement each other: Shelby in purple attire with Raven in a red costume.

Shelby's attempts at a headlock are quickly thwarted with Raven taking her 
down to the canvas. Raven persists, stretching the blondes' arms and manoeuvres 
her into a chin lock.
Shelby releases the hold and works on Raven's left boot, twisting it 
whilst spreading her own legs apart to use as extra strength and balance. 
The two grapple for supremacy in a tangle of legs and arms as Shelby  
successfully locks Raven's leg until the hold is released.

Raven plants a full nelson on Ms. Beach which has her grimacing in pain. 
This hold progresses into a waistlock, lifting Shelby into the air before 
the  two come crashing to the mat.

Shelby continues to show her experience, forcing a single leg boston.
This tough, uncompromising match continues with both women showing grit, 
tenacity and determination.

Shelby strives to dominate the match with Raven frustrating her with her 
refusal to lie down. Shelby pins Raven's arms down, thrusting herself 
upon her to try to take the wind out of her sails.

Raven, not to be outdone, reverses and applies a boston crab before Shelby kicks 
out. The two ladies expressions' are caught by the close up camera work that 
enables the viewer to feel their pain.

Shelby shifts the attention to Raven's knee, twisting and grinding it in a bid 
to force a submission that is not forthcoming from the fired up brunette.

Raven's confidence is further enhanced with a painful armlock before Shelby 
is able to reach out for the safety of the ropes. Such is the determination 
displayed in the ring that the contest takes on an air ofnpredictability 
with both Shelby and Raven prepared to fight it out to the finish.
Who ultimately triumphs in this brilliant battle of strength ?

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Shelby vs Raven
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June 15, 2020