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Red Hot Mamas vs Allie Parker & Raven

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Red Hot Mamas vs Allie Parker & Raven

Allie Parker, when visiting the UK, was not only keen to test herself against UK opponents but also, to expand 
her capabilities in a Tag Team Match.  She embraced the opportunity to work with another wrestler and to create 
ideas for one another in a full contest.  Her partner was Raven; one member of the UK Tag Team: "The Blackbirds".

Raven was also very enthusiastic in their upcoming bout as, she wanted to impress Pippa L'Vinn - opposing her today 
-  with Pippa's "Red Hot Mama's" partner: Shelby Beach.

Raven and Allie were confident pre match; Raven would know some of Pippa's manoeuvres from working with her 
so closely in The Blackbirds. Allie also felt she could test her rivals severely with all of the experience she 
had gained from her work with the PGWA.

The Red Hot Mama's, Pippa and Shelby had a wealth of experience and knowledge.  However, they also know how to 
bend the rules... could Allie and Raven's pre match assertive nature be aboud to be taught a severe lesson ?

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Red Hot Mamas vs Allie Parker & Raven

Red Hot Mamas vs Allie Parker & Raven

Red Hot Mamas vs Allie Parker & Raven

Red Hot Mamas vs Allie Parker & Raven

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