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Lisa Fury vs Pippa L'Vinn

55 Hi Res Photos

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Lisa vs Pippa

Pippa L'Vinn and Lisa king are two of the most respected and admired wrestlers in the UK.
They have formed a tag team: " British Bad Girlz".

However, they met up for a match at the Wrestling Factory in Manchester and Ladysports
was there to cover the action.   Pippa left her dressing room and on her way to the ring 
appeared focused, yet silent.

Lisa, in contrast, was bubbly, ebullient and very confident with the prospects of her 
forthcoming bout. "I have a very good feeling about this match and have a definite plan 
of action with a few tricks up my sleeve which, I'm sure will enable me to win this contest.
Pippa will be wringing out her costume after I've finished with her as, it will be soaked 
in her own sweat due to my dominance and, ultimate, let me at her!" 

This PGWA Grudgematch photo pac has 58 images from this match, and you guessed it...
Pippa  had her work cut out in this match.  

On this day, Lisa had Pippa's number and fans, you won't see this happen to Pippa very often!

55 photos at 2000 x 1600

Plus complete match writeup by Mark Lockey

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Lisa vs Pippa

Lisa vs Pippa

Lisa vs Pippa

Lisa vs Pippa

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