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Tyler Dare vs Raven

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Tyler vs Raven

Tyler Dare travelled to the UK to compete against UK opponents.
Ms Dare's rivalry with Pippa L'Vinn is well known to PGWA fans and,
she expressed a wish to take on a wrestler who has advanced in both
skill and popularity: Raven. 

Raven has been tutored by Pippa and regularly competes along side her in 
"The Blackbirds" ladies tag team.

Both ladies were excited about their forthcoming match. Tyler was keen to
grapple with Raven and is intrigued to see if she has inherited some of Pippa's
style and moves. 

Raven was also looking forward to tangling with an overseas wrestler and, 
though aware of Tyler's strengths, was supremely confident about winning 
the contest.

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Tyler vs Raven

Tyler vs Raven

Tyler vs Raven

Tyler vs Raven

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