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Pippa L'Vinn vs Silver

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A fascinating encounter took place at the Wrestling Factory, Manchester, UK, recently.

Pippa L'Vinn was challenged to a wrestling match in her own back yard by the 
sprightly newcomer: Silver.

Silver has established herself on the wrestling scene, appearing in two of Pippa's 
shows and gained a favourable following amongst the regular show attendees.
Pippa, a long term favourite with the PGWA, has received worldwide acclaim for 
her outstanding wrestling qualities and she still sits with her pretty head and 
shoulders above so many of her peers.

Silver chose a back one piece and white boots for this bout. Pippa wore an off 
white one piece outfit and pale blue boots. Both ladies looked magnificent as they 
readied themselves for the contest.

As the wrestlers emerged from their respective corners Silver applied a headlock, 
with further purchase by interlocking her fingers, to add strength to the hold. Pippa, 
grimacing, locked onto her opponents waist to steady herself. Silver's nonchalant 
manner contrasted to Pippa, straining to maintain her balance.

Pippa's volume of experience reaped benefits as she reversed the hold into an 
advantageous arm lock, though, not to be outdone, Silver cleverly retaliated, 
forcing Ms L'Vinn down to the canvas by placing pressure on her left shoulder and 
elbow. Silver was keen to prove herself against a lady she has looked up to and long 

They continued to grapple in the centre of the ring in a tangle of arms.
Pippa's determination was there to see in her eyes, applying pressure to the blonde's 
neck. Silver, undeterred, came back strongly and locked Pippa in a painful full 
nelson; the pain and anguish on the experienced grappler was apparent - this match was 
proving to be a tough test !

Pippa was taken down to the canvas, struggling to cope with the intensity of her 
inspired, vibrant, adversary. Silver's headlock tightened, Pippa was straining, forcing 
her own legs apart in a bid to withhold her pain.
The ability and essence of any wrestler is to be able to mix it up and, even change 
the strategy and with these thoughts uppermost in her mind she switched the attention 
to Silver's legs.

Firstly, bending her left leg back, gripping the sole of Silver's boot and prising her 
legs apart, via pressure to the knees. Silver needed a solution, and quick. Pippa's hold 
was turned back against her, Silver using her outstretched legs to open Pippa's lovely 
limbs, whilst using her arm against her neck.

Pippa could sense she was in trouble now; her head was locked and her vulnerable 
frame on the canvas was pressing tightly against her costume like a second skin.
Silver's attack intensified, covering Pippa for a potential pin; Pippa responded 
positively, arching her body into a bridge. This lively contest continued at a furious 
pace as they twisted and tangled in a mass of arms and legs pressing, straining...
Silver's boots were used to considerable affect clamping onto Pippa's left armpit
and face, simultaneously.

Pippa continued to bridge to thwart Silver's increasing pressure. Silver's momentum 
and persistence was a delight to behold. Pippa was placed in a standing crotch-hold 
and somehow, mirrored this manoeuvre, matching Silver move for move.
Pippa now tried to force the match, pummelling her rival on the canvas and pounding 
her waist with her right fist...

A wonderful match which became completely unpredictable - who gains the ultimate 
upper hand ?

Mark Lockey
June 2019.

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