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Cashing In

No Limit on Experience

Morgana Means Mayhem

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Brats Out Of Control

The Big Brawl -- Debbie Combs vs. Donna Day

The Real Survivors

The Real Survivors

TO BATTLE THE BEST -- Pippa L'Vinn vs Lovely Lila

One of the Best -- American Angel vs. Ayako Hamada

The Battle to Break You -- Candy vs Kira

Only One Shall Win -- Pippa L'Vinn vs Dominita

Former Champion Challenged -- Jennifer Thomas vs. Mercedes

Stressed Out Competition

Special SouthernBelles Match

Sweet vs Nemesis

Special SouthernBelles Match

Elektra vs Puma

Dominita vs Supa Nova

Nikki Victory vs Jada Stone

Vengadora vs Shelby Beach

Supa Nova vs Loxleigh

Anika vs Paige Jones

Sheeva vs Kira

Pippa/Eva vs Shelby/Lila


PGWA Championship Match

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- Venom vs Eva Download/DVD
- Savannah Sweet vs Nemesis Download/DVD
- Special SouthernBelles Match Download/DVD
- Elektra vs Puma Download/DVD
- Supa Nova vs Dominita Download/DVD
- Nikki Victory vs Jada Stone Download/DVD
- Vengadora vs Shelby Beach Download/DVD
- Supa Nova vs Loxleigh Download/DVD
- Anika vs Paige Jones Download/DVD
- Sheeva vs Kira Download/DVD
- No Justice Tag Team Download/DVD
- PGWA Championship Match Download/DVD
- Pippa vs Supa Nova Download/DVD
- Leah vs Luna Download/DVD

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