LadySports Know Your Holds


Body Scissor-Chin Lock

Full Nelson

Lethal Sleeper

Inside Step Over Toe Hold

Standing Arm Bar


Full Nelson 2

Simple Leg Bar

Back Slide

Back Folding Pin

Toe Hold with Ankle Lock

Boston Crab

Body Scissor With Chinlock

Face Sit Submission

Bear Hug

Reverse Butterfly

Body Scissor

Ankle Choke

Full Nelson

Knee Lock

Double Key leg Lock with Neck Crank

Single Leg Crab

Arm Bar

Side Bow & Arrow

Neck Crank

Keister Bounce

Lotus Lock Side View

Side Headlock

Reverse Figure Four

Stepover Toe Hold


Short Arm Scissor

Hammer Lock

Texas Cloverleaf



Sharp Shooter

Shoulder Pin

Top Wrist Lock

Semi Japanese Strangle with Knee Brace

Knee Drop

Lotus Lock

Thigh Scissor Waist Lock

School Girl Pin

Hand Smother

Thigh Scissor


Hammer Lock Combo

Grapevine Suspension

Front Face Lock


Side Head Scissor

Single Leg Crab

figure 4 head scissor

Short Arm Scissor

Dragon Sleeper Hold

Cross Body Press

Chin Lock

Double Arm Stretch

Body Scissor with Chinlock

Cattle Mutilation


Abdominal Stretch

Airplane Spin

Arm Bar With Foot