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Susan Green vs LeiLani Kai

Previously online as Video 56

Once upon a time there was no better place to find quality pro wrestling than
at the Mid Atlantic region. Year after year, generation after generation, the
greatest wrestlers in the sport... both male and female worked the circuit of
Henry Marcus who actively promoted for fifty years.

In 1998, a special tribute was held for Mr. Marcus in Charleston SC at the
fabled Palace Arena. Wrestling fans young and old were able to meet with
the stars of that era... those at the convention were Penny Banner, Johnny
Valentine, Jose Lothario, the Fabulous Moolah, Ole Anderson, Tully Blanchard,
Diamond Lil, Tim 'Mr. Wrestling' Woods and others.
And through the magic of video and the internet, so will you!

Afterwards, a very special women's match was held between Susan Tex
Green and Leilani Kai. Sue's PGWA Championship Title was on the line,
and Kai was determined to get it.

Watching this match, you'll swear that it was yesteryear all over again!
Both wrestlers are consummate mat experts, and they each pull out
all of the stops. You'll see quality technical women's wrestling, and you'll
see rulebreaking tactics. Kai does this best.

Both of these women have faced every worthy wrestler of the past
quarter century. But watching this match, you'll swear that everything
that came before was just a prelude to this fight..

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