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Nikki Roxx vs Christie Ricci

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Nikki Roxx vs Christie Ricci

Championship Match

From Nashville, December 9, 2005

Holiday Havoc Show

Reno Riggins intros one of the hottest stars in PGWA, Christie Ricci! Reno inquires about strategy, Christie says hers is always to kick butt. Reno brings up the fact that Athena is not around and that Christie has ran her off. Christie says she is the "New Goddess of Nashville" and that she was not found working in the adult entertainment industry.

Passion comes to the door to watch. Christie takes Nikki down with a top wristlock, but Nikki works her way out. They roll around a bit as it's kind of quiet in here. This allowed for some verbal interaction with the ladies as the match went on. A test of strength turns into a monkeyflip, then Christie rolls up Nikki for a pin at 6:00 to go up 1-0 despite Nikki being in the ropes. Ref C-Lo Banks didn't see anything, much to the chagrin of Nikki. Nikki hits a spear and the fight is on! They exchange vicious chops, then Nikki gets a sideslam for 2, but complains to C-Lo about the count being slow. Nikki gets a kneelift, then punches and kicks exchanged. Nikki hits a clothesline for 2, but she complains again about the count. Christie hits a suplex into a dragon sleeper, but Nikki works out. Christie applies a standard sleeper, but Nikki gets her arm up on the third try. They roll around some more until Nikki gets on top and uses the middle rope for a pin at 12:00. Complaints abound, but it's all even anyway.

Backslides and small packages traded to start the third fall. Christie hits a leg lariat for 2. Nikki talks to the crowd, allowing Christie to slip up and kick Nikki's leg out from under her. Christie tries an abdominal claw, but Nikki makes the ropes. Christie with a belly to belly with a bridge for 2. Both stay down to 9. Nikki dropkicks and covers for 2 but Christie is in the ropes. Nikki hits this kind of bearhug into an sitdown atomic drop like thing for the pin and the win at 19:00.

Passion hits the ring and attacks Nikki, and announces the belt will be hers.

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Nikki Roxx vs Christie Ricci Nikki Roxx vs Christie Ricci Nikki Roxx vs Christie Ricci

Nikki Roxx vs Christie Ricci Nikki Roxx vs Christie Ricci Nikki Roxx vs Christie Ricci

Nikki Roxx vs Christie Ricci Nikki Roxx vs Christie Ricci Nikki Roxx vs Christie Ricci