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Brooks vs ODB

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Traci Brooks vs ODB

USWO Arena, Nashville, TN

Two longtime foes, Traci Brooks and ODB, faced one another under the auspices of the United States Wrestling Organization on Friday, the 26th of August. Their card, sanctioned by the PGWA, was held in Nashville, Tennessee...a city and state which have seen more than a few confrontations between these two women.

From the moment when the two wrestlers are introduced and brought down to the ring, ODB seems uninterested in getting the match underway, preferring instead to taunt the fans (and being jeered and booed mightily in return), and more or less taking her own sweet time locking up with her opponent. Just before finally agreeing to get the battle started, ODB insists on taking a swig from her water bottle to 'whet her whistle.' Brooks, understandably, is fuming over her rival's stalling tactics.

Finally, the two women lock up with a test of strength. Not many women could hope to go toe to toe with the powerful ODB in such a contest, but Traci has proven in the past that she can often match her rival in raw power.

But what ODB undeniably holds the edge in is deviousness, as she demonstrates when she spits a mouthful of water into Traci's face, startling the brunette and breaking her concentration just long enough for ODB to seize the upper hand!

Of course, Our Miss Brooks is a quick study, and not much later in the match, she "borrows" some water from her opponent's bottle...but quickly returns it right into ODB's own face!

Brooks is sending her rival a message tonight, and just to make sure ODB gets it, Traci first slams her head again and again into the apron, then drags her out of the ring and slams her skull a few more times into some ring chairs! Hauling her dazed opponent back between the ropes, Traci decides to show off her equestrian skills by making ODB give her a pony ride, much to the delight of the packed audience!

But the embarrassment seems to undo the damage which the beating had inflicted, and ODB is suddenly fired up! She's also decided to forgo that pesky rulebook, and she takes control of the battle with a gouging eyerake, followed by a hair toss to the mat, topped off with some good old fashioned choking in the ropes!

The advantage sways back and forth between them in the minutes that follow, with ODB battling much more confidently and aggressively than she had been early in the match. Still, Brooks holds her own. But it looks as if it's all over for Traci when her foe wraps her python-like arms around her and crushes her in a bearhug! Luckily, Brooks manages to roll out of the way of the match-finishing splash which ODB has aimed at her.

The battle rages some more, with ODB again seemingly on the verge of seizing the victory when she catches her opponent in mid-air during Traci's attempt at a cross bodyblock, then slams her with authority into the canvas! Yet, amazingly, Brooks recovers, nails ODB with a clothesline, and rolls her rival up for the 1-2-3!

This entire match will soon be made available by the PGWA for purchase very very soon. Don't miss it!

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