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 :: Salena Dean & Savannah Sweet vs Arie Alexander & ThunderKitty ::

The joint PGWA/NWF live event, held to commemorate the PGWA's 30th anniversary, 
kicks off with a bang, as two tough teams tangle in tag tumult!

We open up with pre-match promos from both duos, filled with plenty of fierce 
threats.  We then go to the ring, where we see Veronica Vaughn accompanying 
Salena and Savannah, potentially giving them an edge in the match to come, should 
she choose to interfere (and believe us, she so chooses!).

There's some tremendous chain wrestling in this, as ThunderKitty and Salena in 
particular both prove their technical prowess.  But there's a good dose of brawling 
in this as well, as tempers flare.  The action rages wildly right until the end, when 
one team has their arms raised in victory!

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