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  Joanie "Chyna" Lee

Chyna Joanie Lee

What? A video from LadySports-PGWA that doesn't feature women's wrestling?
Maybe so, but it definitely features a woman wrestler!

Joanie Lee, now a pro wrestler, is a 5'9", 170 pound fitness competitor and
bodybuilder who loves the competition in the ring!

She's been featured in "Fighting Females", "FLEX", and been seen on ESPN 2.
And of course, she's been in LadySports Magazine!

This creative video starts out with a challenge to Madusa. Followed up with
some great music and videography as Joanie poses in wrestling outfits and
swimsuits, still shots and live action. There's action in the ring, in the gym
and by the pool. See her display her incredible biceps, doing one arm pushups
and moving around 'shadow wrestling' in the ring as she prepares mentally
for an upcoming match.

She then sits down for an interview discussing her new career. With her
outgoing personality, fun sense of humour, tremendous strength and passion
for wrestling you know she is going to be great!

Joanie's career really got underway with the PGWA and LadySports... see her
at the very beginning in this and the videos to follow!

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Chyna Joanie Lee Chyna Joanie Lee Chyna Joanie Lee

Chyna Joanie Lee Chyna Joanie Lee Chyna Joanie Lee

Chyna Joanie Lee Chyna Joanie Lee