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"Their first ever PGWA/LadySports Match"

    Pippa L'Vinn vs Shelby Beach

Pippa vs Shelby

Shelby entered the ring first in an off white leotard that was beautifully moulded 
to her lovely  figure like a second skin. She patiently awaited for her opponent in 
her corner.

Pippa L'Vinn made her entrance and gestured to Shelby before removing her jacket to 
reveal a pink swimsuit.  Both ladies from Manchester, England were fighting on US soil 
for the Professional Girl Wreslting Association and , were keen to make a lasting 
impression upon their American hosts.
They brought flags representing their country in to the ring draped around them, 
emphasising  their allegiance to their home country.  Pippa was clearly pumped up 
for this match whilst Shelby remained impassive and focused.

Their initial lock up was broken as Pippa nailed Shelby to the canvas, via a kick 
to her mid-section.  A hip-toss followed before Pippa had  the blonde in an impressive 
straight arm bar and neck lock.  Pippa seemed keen to finish this contest early, such 
was the intensity and raw energy in her  demeanour.  Shelby was in trouble, straining 
and grimacing before L'Vinn released the hold.  Pippa intensified the action, keeping 
her rival grounded before Shelby gained a release by applying an uncharacteristic pull 
of the hair. This only angered Pippa further who took charge again, pummelling Ms Beach 
to the deck. Pippa's strength belied her petite stature as she set about her rival with 
all the ferocity of a woundedanimal.  It was clear from the body language and verbal 
exchanges that these ladies disliked each other.  Shelby cleverly thwarted Pippa's early 
dominance with a shrewd double leg drop and was soon pulled off her opponent, courtesy 
of the referee.

Pippa came storming back with a spectacular takedown, compounded by trapping Shelby's 
right elbow firmly between her thighs. Shelby struggled to release herself from this 
short arm scissors and wildly rolling around and spreading her legs in an a vain attempt 
to escape Pippa's clutches.  Shelby, undeterred, hung in there biding her time, suspecting 
Pippa would be unable to sustain  her initial onslaught. She seized her moment, placing 
Pippa between her legs and dropped her unceremoniously to the canvas three times in 
succession and, sought approval from the captivated audience.

A very hard  body slam followed, fully taking the wind out of Pippa's sails.
Repeating the hold, Shelby sensed her great rival's resolve was weakening.
Pippa looked in considerable pain then, turned the tables convincingly, superbly 
crashing Shelby down to the deck with use of her leg as a weapon, developing into a 
smother hold.  Pippa threw  a low blow, followed by two kicks to Shelby's inner 
thigh then, continues the assault attacking the thigh before effecting yet another 
low blow to Shelby's body finishing the hold with a devastating figure four leg lock.  

Who will eventually triumph in this memorable American debut contest between 
two of the UK's finest wrestlers ???

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Pippa vs Shelby Pippa vs Shelby Pippa vs Shelby

Pippa vs Shelby Pippa vs Shelby Pippa vs Shelby

Pippa vs Shelby Pippa vs Shelby Pippa vs Shelby

Pippa vs Shelby Pippa vs Shelby Pippa vs Shelby

Pippa vs Shelby Pippa vs Shelby Pippa vs Shelby