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:: Video 52 :: 'Pro-Am Action' #D-10

Cheryl Day & June Snyder


Tracy Donahue & Krystal Hyatt

The PGWA, in association with the Great American Wrestling Federation scheduled a first for both organizations... a pro/amateur tag team match!

Two teams of women wrestlers were pitted against each other... each team consisted of one pro and one amateur. The pros were Cheryl Day and Tracy Donahue, both experienced crowd pleasing grapplers. The amateurs June Snyder and Krystal Hyatt, pretty and energetic members of Southern Belles Wrestling.

According to the rules, the pros could only wrestle each other. Likewise the amateurs were to be head to head. When one women tagged out, the opponent had to leave as well.

Day and Donahue squared off at the start with great action and punishing holds. The barefoot amateurs both came in at the first tag. Krystal at 5'7" had a hard time against the 6 foot Snyder and was hard pressed to keep her shoulders off the mat.

There were multiple tags before one team finally emerged triumphant. But the decision was questionable and tempers were running hot with all 4 ladies.

So they stayed behind after the arena cleared at the end of the evening with Cheryl clashing with Tracy in the ring as June and Krystal cheer them on!

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