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    Mila Naniki vs Kaci Lennox

Ordinarily, the return of Kaci Lennox to the PGWA would be the big news, but in this 
instance, the spotlight is fixed (seized, actually) on Mila Naniki, who has at last 
recovered from a knee injury, and is raring to get back to dominating the competition.

During her recovery, Mila dropped some weight, sacrificing raw power for greater speed 
and agility.  But that also means her fabled "Booty Monster" is a little less monstrous 
that before... a fact which Kaci, who possesses an impressive backside of her own, is 
more than happy to taunt her opponent about.  The trash talk soars to new heights 
between these two as they each try to psyche the other out.

The match itself is hard-hitting, with both battlers bound and determined to not simply 
out-wrestler her rival, but to make her humble herself by submitting.  To achieve this, 
Naniki and Lennox subject one another to an agonizing array of holds that will leave you 
grimacing with sympathy pains!

Ultimately, one wrestler is driven to submission.  But will it be Mila or Kaci?  
The only way for you to discover is to add this match to your collection today!

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