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    Jennifer Thomas vs Megan Jones

As the new PGWA Champion, Jennifer Thomas clearly isn't looking for an easy title reign!  
Anxious to make good on her pledge to take on the very toughest challengers, she now 
stares across the ring at a veritable Amazon: Megan Jones stands a good 8 inches taller 
than the Champ, and outweighs her by some 50 pounds!

And Megan puts her greater size to devastating use, bullying her smaller opponent with 
her sheer raw power.  But Jennifer has tremendous physical strength all her own, as 
well as a keen knowledge of submission grappling, and she soon has her larger 
adversary on the mat and writhing in pain!

Tempers flare in this as the two battling beauties each seek to punish one another.  
Ultimately the match comes to an agonizing end as one tortured combatant is forced 
to tap out, or risk serious injury.

The Era of Jennifer Thomas begins...and possibly, and you won't want 
to miss it!

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