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  Silver vs Loxleigh

Two of the more popular British newcomers square off against one another in this one.  
This is a classic match-up of speed versus strength, as Loxleigh pits her raw power 
against Silver's agile swiftness.

There's plenty of action here as they two battle it out, with the tide turning back 
and forth between them.  Platinum-haired Silver punishes her opponent's limbs with 
deftly-executed submission holds, while golden blonde Loxleigh favors less-technical...
but nevertheless devastating... power moves, such as body splashing her opponent in t
he corner time and again.

Astonishingly, even as exhaustion threatens to overwhelm the two of them, the pace of 
the action actually picks up, until finally one snares the other in an agonizing hold 
the forces the victim to submit to end her suffering.

Great wrestling in the PGWA style... you won't want to miss this one!

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