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  Pippa L'Vinn vs Lisa King

Pippa L'Vinn vs Lisa King

Special Challenges: The British Bad Girlz  

1  Schoolgirl Pin:

Pippa forces herself onto Lisa who writhes with her legs from side to side, 
unable to deter Pippa's forceful pin for the 5 count.
Lisa overpowers Pippa who arches her legs, attempting to form a bridge to 
unseat her rival, all to no avail. Ms King successfully pins Pippa.


2     One Arm Side Choke:

Pippa uses all of her body weight as she applies a One Arm side Choke; 
firmly clamping Lisa's neck, joining her own hands to strengthen the manoeuvre.
Pippa forcibly presses her upper body down onto Lisa, whilst strengthening the 
hold with her own legs firmly down on the mat. Lisa is unable to free herself, 
twisting in towards Pippa, but, to no avail and she is pinned.
Payback time for Lisa as, she mirrors Pippa's previous hold. Pippa
struggles frantically to escape but, she is done for and taps out
to concede !


3  Reverse Schoolboy Pin:

With Pippa already down on the mats and vulnerable, Lisa takes full advantage 
and cleverly clamps her own legs to cover Pippa's arms. Pippa is only able to 
use her legs to prevent the hold occurring as Lisa claims the pin.
Pippa retaliates with her own legs, locking Lisa's arms down and, compounds 
the move with a smother hold, taunting Ms King with the slow, deliberate, 

4  Armbar with Foot Choke:

With Lisa laid out on her back, Pippa is able to gather Lisa's left arm, 
pulling it up between her legs, firmly twisting it into an armbar whilst, 
simultaneously, choking her with the left foot. This powerful combination
hold completely disables Lisa who is forced to tap out immediately.
Lisa, not to be outdone, is able to apply the armbar with foot choke and 
has Pippa grimacing in pain. Ms King's relentless pressure, particularly 
on the neck is rewarded with a frantic tap out !

5  Lotus Lock:

With Pippa in a seated position Lisa's long legs are impressively mounted 
onto the back of Pippa's head, also, forcing her arms backwards in a strong, 
secure hold. Pippa is unable to break free of Lisa's pressurising Lotus Lock 
and loudly taps out to her rival.
Lisa, face down on her tummy is sat astride by Pippa; pushing Lisa's head 
down to the mats with a tense hold of her arms, forced in between the back 
of Pippa's knees for extra leverage.
Ms King, though resisting the pain, at first cannot sustain her stubborn 
resistance and submits.

6  Full Nelson with a Body Scissors Combo:

Pippa really has Lisa at her mercy here. Lisa is locked rigid by her 
opponent; legs locked tightly around her waist, added to this compromising 
position is the full nelson. As Pippa strengthens her grip Lisa forces 
her back and resists admirably, straining and grimacing in pain.
Pippa gains the upper hand as Lisa eventually taps, though, her determination 
is to be commended.
Undeterred, Lisa is able to duplicate Pippa's previous hold and attempts 
retribution. Pippa's strong arms allows her to push back against Lisa's ruthless 
manoeuvre. Pippa's only chance is to roll Lisa back to enable the pressure 
to be eased. However, Lisa is dogged and tenacious and holds firm as Pippa 
is forced to submit.

7  Triangle Strangle:

Lisa really is at Pippa's mercy her.
Pippa's legs are locked tight around Lisa's underarm and neck with a forceful 
armbar also thrown into the mix. Lisa realises that there is no messing around 
with this and has to tap out for fear of injury to her straining limbs.
Lisa adopts a similar hold  - the Triangle Strangle - but, in a slightly 
different position as Pippa has no options here. Lisa's dominance in this hold 
has Ms L'Vinn finished all ends up as she screams for mercy !

8  Go-Go Platter:

Lisa is out on her back with Pippa's ominous advances forthcoming...
This brutal combination hold is designed to wreak havoc on multiple 
limbs and body parts. Pippa sits astride Lisa, with Ms King's right arm 
firmly encased under Pippa's armpit, the hold is strengthened by forcing her 
thigh for extra grip. Pippa's left leg is cleverly held against Lisa's
neck and, for added strength she uses her left arm as a bridge.
Lisa is left with no alternative but to submit. The Liverpool lass is 
stubborn and seeks to turn the tables on her adversary....
"Anything you can do, I can do better" as Lisa replicates the Go-Go Platter 
hold to staggering effect.
Pippa, caught unaware by the speed and strength of Lisa, and with the 
increasing leverage against her joint, taps out.

9  Headsit:

Pippa is face down on the mats. Lisa is able to slide her legs under Pippa's 
armpits as she negotiates the hold, pressing with her backside against Pippa's 
head. Pippa writhes and wriggles with her legs but, the pressure is all too 
much and she submits.
Pippa is not one for throwing in the towel and masterminds a similar hold to 
apply on Lisa. Lisa is held down so firmly that her only outlay is her legs. 
She digs in with both knees on the mats but, Pippa's strength is all too much 
for her. Lisa surrenders.

10   Grapevine Pin:

Pippa pins Lisa down, her legs astride and her arms pressed down by her wrists.
Lisa cleverly out manoeuvres Pippa, successfully rolling her over and catches 
her by surprise pressing firmly against her. Pippa screams in agony as she 
clenches her most sensitive bodypart: submitting to Lisa who compounds the pain 
further by using a victory pose over her stricken, defeated rival !

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Pippa L'Vinn vs Lisa King Pippa L'Vinn vs Lisa King Pippa L'Vinn vs Lisa King

Pippa L'Vinn vs Lisa King Pippa L'Vinn vs Lisa King Pippa L'Vinn vs Lisa King

Pippa L'Vinn vs Lisa King Pippa L'Vinn vs Lisa King Pippa L'Vinn vs Lisa King

Pippa L'Vinn vs Lisa King