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  Pippa L'Vinn vs Eva

Pippa vs Eva

Pippa L'Vinn is bemused by her next opponent, whom she and the fans had long known as Roxi, 
the sweetest of Britain's 'good girls'.  However she's taken a darker turn (after what L'Vinn 
jokes must have been too many knocks on her head), and insists on being called Eva now.  Pippa 
scoffs at the notion that her adversary could ever be a bad girl, and proclaims that she 
herself is the baddest of bad girls in the business.  "Go back to where you came from, pussy cat
" Pippa sneers.

As the match unfolds, we see that Eva possesses all of the ring skills she always had, 
and she gives her adversary a solid challenge, even using some roughhouse tactics to demonstrate 
her new outlook on wrestling.  But Pippa quickly escalates the rulebreaking, as if to show 
Eva what a real bad girl is like.

Although she's thrown on the defensive for a spell, it isn't long before Eva battles back...
and this time she's willing to be just as bad as she needs to be!  L'Vinn painfully learns that 
this so-called pussycat is a tigress with claws!  Eva mercilessly focuses much of her attack on 
her opponent's left arm, ultimately leaving L'Vinn's hand to battered as to be quiveringly useless!

The match finally concludes as one hellion traps the other in a merciless figure four headscissors, 
driving the victim to submit...but her tormentor won't let her go until she says the magic word!

If you're among the multitude of Roxi fans who never thought she could turn truly bad, then you 
need to see Eva in action!

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Pippa vs Eva Pippa vs Eva Pippa vs Eva

Pippa vs Eva Pippa vs Eva Pippa vs Eva

Pippa vs Eva Pippa vs Eva Pippa vs Eva

Pippa vs Eva Pippa vs Eva Pippa vs Eva

Pippa vs Eva Pippa vs Eva Pippa vs Eva