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:: LadySports 503 - DVD BB-08 ::


  Allie Parker vs Barbi Hayden

Allie Parker and Barbi Hayden are scheduled for a rematch to their first 
wild encounter (LS #477), but as the PGWA Champ is doing some pre-match 
stretches at ringside, she's surprised to see Barbi 
hobble in on a crutch.  But an even bigger surprise is revealed moments 
later, as Hayden attacks Parker with the crutch, revealing her injury to 
be a ruse to get the Champ to lower her guard!

Her dastardly attack puts the blonde in command of the match in the 
opening minutes; she even punishes Allie with a kendo stick that Hayden 
had hidden in the arena earlier in the day!  No doubt about it, Barbi is 
determined to not simply beat Parker, not only take the PGWA belt 
from her, but utterly destroy the brunette once and for all!

Amazingly, Allie is finally able to fight back, and this becomes a 
contest of equals, as the two beautiful battlers pull out all of the stops 
to punish one another.  Ultimately, one snares the other in an inescapable 
hold, and the proud victim has no choice but to tap out, even as she struggles 
against blacking out!

If you thought the first confrontation between these two was incredible, wait 
until you see this brawl!

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