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"Lisa King: 100% Tough"

Lisa King vs Pippa L'Vinn

Lisa King & Pippa L'Vinn

A brief ringside interview with the lovely Lisa King opens introduces the action: 
A series of segments involving her wrestling against Pippa L'Vinn, over the last 
few months....

There can surely be no finer examples of Lady Wrestlers than the two magnificent 
combatants featured here.  Both wrestlers are stylish, energetic, enthusiastic 
and beautiful.  Lisa and Pippa look lean, fit and sexy in the forthcoming action 
and, their healthy rivalry is apparent for all to see.

The opening encounter sees them both in the ring in a pro style match.
Straight from the off Pippa almost squeezes the life out of Lisa in a 
punishing front bearhug before sending her crashing to the mat. Pippa follows 
up by stretching out the Liverpool lady and, her cries of anguish are clearly 
reverberated around the ring. A leg-scissors compounds the pain as Pippa 
plans to take control... Lisa, though, has other ideas and exercises her 
defiance and puts Pippa in a compromising leg lock, twisting her boot as 
if her life depended upon it. A headlock from Lisa puts Pippa down and she 
is soon struggling to free the hold, twisting her legs and arching her body 
in a bid to release herself.

Pippa groans in pain as this terrific tussle of limbs is played out before us...
The excellent camera work enables us to see both ladies straining bodies close 
up in this strenuous and tenacious bout.

The second segment starts with Lisa firmly in Pippa's clutches as they slowly 
take each other down on to the canvas. Lisa's light blue swimsuit is contrasted 
by Pippa attired in black. Lisa is placed in a leg smother and is subjected to a 
couple of elbow grinds to weaken her resolve. Pippa's determination is perfectly 
administered as she works on Ms King who struggles to free herself from the 
severe clamps of Ms. L'Vinn's wonderful thighs. Pippa cries out for Lisa to 
submit but, her request falls on deaf ears as Lisa maintains her defensive stance.
Lisa counteracts the hold and reverses the move superbly as Pippa slaps her opponents 
thighs as Lisa now seeks superiority in the ring. Pippa's attempts at a bridge only 
play into Lisa's hands as she seizes a further opportunity to dominate her 
combatant; forcing Pippa's legs wide apart whilst holding her down firm with a 
head scissors. Lisa is now in control with an excruciating leg stretch on Pippa, 
cleverly compounding the hold with her body arching firmly. 
Pippa's pleas for mercy are ignored as Lisa  continues to stretch her agonisingly.
Will Pippa find a way out of this painful situation ....

The final segment is a mix of pro. style and free-style wrestling on the 
mats. Lisa wears a red swimsuit with Pippa in a grey costume.  Pippa begins on 
the offensive with armbars whilst twisting the fingers of her downed rival.  
Lisa is almost caught out with a near fall, kicking out for a two-count. Lisa 
needs all of her experience as Pippa seeks to make her submit calling on her 
opponent to tap-out. Lisa counteracts the hold and then has Pippa in trouble 
with clever use of the elbows. The excellent lighting enhances 
both ladies' expressions as they diligently grapple for victory.  Dogged 
determination and a stubborn refusal to be overthrown are apparent as the 
two glamorous gladiators work each other over in a fascinating battle of strength. 
Some excellent use of the legs are clearly visible as the close contact reaches 
fever pitch.  Lisa's refusal to submit is admirable as Pippa applies some incredibly 
powerful grips and holds to her legs, thighs and boots, twisting and distorting 
her beyond belief.

One lady eventually emerges victorious in this titanic tussle....

-Mark Lockey

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Lisa King vs Pippa L'Vinn Lisa King vs Pippa L'Vinn Lisa King vs Pippa L'Vinn

Lisa King vs Pippa L'Vinn Lisa King vs Pippa L'Vinn Lisa King vs Pippa L'Vinn

Lisa King vs Pippa L'Vinn Lisa King vs Pippa L'Vinn Lisa King vs Pippa L'Vinn

Lisa King vs Pippa L'Vinn Lisa King vs Pippa L'Vinn Lisa King vs Pippa L'Vinn

Lisa King vs Pippa L'Vinn Lisa King vs Pippa L'Vinn Lisa King vs Pippa L'Vinn