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Pippa vs Anne


Pippa L'Vinn versus Awesome Anne for the PGWA Championship

The main event of Pippa's '2004 Christmas Cracker' live event in Manchester, England featured a dream match-up for fans of British pro wrestling, as L'Vinn put her PGWA strap on the line against none other than Awesome Anne. The 'Smiling Assassin' was returning to the ring following a long recovery from a knee injury, as well as being called up to military service for the Iraqi war, and she was anxious to prove she's just as good... if not better... than ever!

In this best of three falls match, Anne literally dominates the first round with her incredible power moves. Pippa actually goes on the offensive first, trying to overpower her larger opponent, but the blonde shrugs her off and knocks the Champ down so hard, L'Vinn tumbles over backwards across the mat and very nearly sails out between the ropes! From this point on, Anne is largely in control of the action, which culminates in her pinning the brunette with a bodysplash that nearly flattens Pippa!

For the second round, L'Vinn reaches into her bag of tricks and compensates for her opponent's power with such dirty tactics as eye gouges, hair pulling, rope choking, headbutts, low blows and, most dastardly of all, targeting the knee which Anne had surgery on! The blonde fights valiantly, but Pippa's vicious rulebreaking, all delivered with astonishing speed, ultimately proves too much, and the Champ ties the match up with one fall apiece.

For the third and deciding round, both women employ their best strategies: Anne uses her superior strength, while Pippa continues to flaunt the rules. The upper hand goes back and forth between them, until it finally comes down to both wrestlers struggling to pick up the other for a bodyslam, with one of them suddenly changing tactics and going for broke!

Pippa is at the top of her game her, executing a series of complex maneuvers to wear down her larger foe. Anne is also in excellent shape, and she works L'Vinn over mightily with bodyslams, airplane spins, body scissors, keister bumps and more! The ring can't contain the action as the two competitors take their battle out onto the floor. Even Shelby Beach, who is seconding Anne as her cornerwoman, gets caught up in the brawl!

This match ably displays the superior caliber of both women, and ranks among the very best PGWA championship bouts. You won't want to miss this one!

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