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Having long been one of the most successful amateur grapplers in the sport, Tyler Dare
has decided to now try her hand at professional wrestling!

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Powerful and supremely skilled in submissions, she certainly has the tools for success.
But has she made a crucial mistake in challenging Jennifer Thomas?

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Jen, of course, is also an expert at submission wrestling, but additionally is a
highly skilled pro fighter as well. And there's no denying her sheer raw power.
She also doesn't take kindly to Tyler thinking she can just waltz into the pro
ranks and demand a shot at her.

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The match starts off well for Tyler, and Jennifer has got her hands full with her.
But eventually the redhead makes a mistake, and her rival pounces. What unfolds
then is something fans have never before seen: Tyler Dare dominated and devastated!

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For long minute after minute, Jen punishes her opponent, making her pay for her hubris.

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Adding insult to injury, the big blonde torments Dare with many of the submission holds
that have long been Tyler's hallmarks. And for good measure, Jennifer demonstrates
some good old fashioned pro rasslin' roughhousing!

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At long last, Tyler chokes out her tearful submission, her body battered and aching
from head to toe. Whether this marks the end of the redhead's foray into the pro
ranks is unknown, but given her competitive spirit, we wouldn't be surprised if
she uses this crushing defeat as incentive to train harder and come back for
revenge someday!

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14 minutes | MP4 | 222 megs | 720x540

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